My new home - low EMFs but high microwaves? (I think?)

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My new home - low EMFs but high microwaves? (I think?)

John Jones
I've spent years moving from place to place, looking for a safe home environment. Didn't think I would ever find somewhere (that I could afford) but I finally found this new flat, which I've just moved in to.

In terms of EMF levels, it's the best place I've ever found, or viewed.

When I walk around the rooms, the EFs and EMFs are mostly zero. In most houses, the EMFs always start getting higher when you move the meter up toward the ceiling or walls, but here it's pretty good in almost all the rooms. Mostly zero everywhere.

Another great thing is that - finally - my computer keyboard and mouse have low readings here! Normally have EF readings of around 30–50 V/m (as high as 170 in one place I lived). But here, they are both zero! (The mouse does have about 1 mG EMF, but overall it's a lot better than everywhere else I've lived.)

Sure, the light switches have high fields around them - they always do. But I know to avoid them.

The only bad room is the kitchen - there's an over-the hob fan (which I would never use) but the electric fields around it are huge and dominate the room, meaning I have to spend my time in the kitchen cowering in the far corner of the room!

But despite having generally low EMFs, the down-side to this place is that there does seem to be more radiation around here.

I can hear and feel a "buzz" all day long - especially between 7 and 9 am. It's like a sensation of my whole body being under great stress and unrest. I feel it most in my guts. It almost makes me feel like my heart rate is going up.

I'm pretty sure this is caused by microwaves because if I place a couple of large mirrors between my head and the window, the sensation goes quiet.

So maybe the microwaves are high around here? Yet - confusingly - my RF meter (the only one I could afford) says the overall level is around 3.1 mW/m2. This is much better than everywhere else I've lived - with readings often around 6 mW/m2, or as high as 20 mW/m2 at peak times. (I recently had to travel on a train and the readings on there were as high as 700 mW/m2!)

Oh and I also get my 'sunburn' symptomsaround 5-6pm, when I presume there is more electrromagnetic activity in the air. But I've made a separate thread for that here: