Electromagnetic 'sunburn' from polluted light sources

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Electromagnetic 'sunburn' from polluted light sources

John Jones
Wondered if others here have suffered from this/heard of this?

This EMF 'sunburn' is something I've had all my life caused by light emitted from various devices.

Long ago, before I knew what was causing it, it used to burn my skin, and my face was covered in blisters - I also started losing my eyesight.

Then, by chance, I read something about light bulbs causing a rash. At first I thought that was absurd, but, desperate for a solution, I decided to try 1 week without CFL bulbs (incandescent only) and my rash and pain cleared up overnight!

I also found that refraining from looking at LCD screens cured my eyesight problems, and I switched back to CRT screens.

I've also never been able to use LED screens either - for the last ten years I've use an old CCFL monitor with the brightness turned down really low. This monitor has been great for the past 10 years or so - completely safe to use.

However in recent years, I've started to get the 'sunburn' from my 'safe' computer monitor around 5-6pm, when I presume there is more electromagnetic activity in the air.

My conclusion is that electromegnetic levels are just going up in general - polluting all the light, everywhere!