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a lot of discussion is going on about things that help.
A lot of them do have certain symbols incorporated in them.

With the electrosmog, we have transversal waves, which we can
measure and which we can shield ourselves from (more or less).
Aside to those, we have longitudinal waves. Nikola Tesla, the
inventor of the alternating current, has described them more than
100 years ago, but till today, we do not have measuring equipment to
prove that they exist.
However, by means of electroacupuncture, one can see, that the
influence of those longitudinal waves is there.
A lot of *things*, or chips do have a certain shielding effect,
realy more an absorbing of those longitudinal waves, which in
reality occur, but are not measurable with contemporary measuring
However, an electrosensitive person can feel its working.
I have good experience with the BioProtect card, which is the size
of a credit card and costs only 21 Euro, or dollars. For a mobile
phone it costs only 4 Euro. See: www.bioprotect.de.vu

I have also found, that certain devices which contain f.i. cristals,
may absorb the electrosmog, and after a while start emitting them,
like the american BioElectrical shield.
I have found, that placing such a device on a Purple Plate for three
days, this device is cleaned and works again very fine.

Certain cristals, like turmaline, can help with a computer monitor.
Although a LCD monitor gives less electrosmog than a CRT monitor,
electrosensitive people may have problems with them also.
It has also to do with the flickering of the image. Our eyes absorb
all those flickerings. Our brain process works in chaos. The
flickering makes this process in a certain order, and that is why we
have problems after a while.
Be aware that the computer monitor is the only electrical apparatus,
where there are radiation regulations for. According the TCO or MPR
II. Not for TV's, radios, electrical clocks, coffee machines, etc.

Charles Claessens