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I'm extremely EMF-sensitive, I don't notice any effects from a K400-series Logitech keyboard. It doesn't have a cord that carries power, just a couple batteries, and relies on very intermittent communication with the computer. Best of all I can use it from 10-40 feet away.
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My stomach growls at various exposures. I use wearable binoculars and a Logitech wireless keyboard to minimize all that. Helpful:
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On a practical note Chupa, I suggest that you list what you are doing now to protect yourself from EMF. Everything, just remember to list things concisely, no rambling. Then we'll suggest things you may be missiong.
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... One more biomass thought: I can't think of any shielding that's more effective than being next to another human body. You're really protecting each other! It's much better than bags of candy because of the difference in the thickness of protection. But I'd still recommend doing both, because of......
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List of possible causes and solutions for EHS:   (Re: Over the years i found 6 claims of causes and solution for EHS:)
...One food I can definitely say helped me reduce my EMF sensitivity is: roasted root vegetables. I came across it purely by chance. Overnight my EMF sensitivity was reduced by roughly half! I asked the cook how he made them and he just said he coated them in oil and stuck them in the oven at 340......
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I drive a 2004 Chevy Venture minivan which probably uses tech from the 1990s. That's where I got sensitive to stereo usage. It probably has the older type of wiring. Anyway I'm happy to be able to listen to music now.
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...I've found that water has a protective effect against EMF, but it works differently. I wrapped water bottles around my throat, to compare the of that versus the effects of wrapping it in a thick leather jacket. At first, the water bottles had a higher relieving effect than the leather. But over......
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I received the 1-shot vaccine. Had a rough night afterwards, but since then I've felt okay. That's the reputation of it, gives you some shaky feelings over the next day or so but then most people are in the clear. I'm extremely ES-sensitive and I did okay, all things considered.
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...A recent Facebook poster says he's sensitive to his FM stereo. I can sympathize because I've been very sensitive to my car stereo. I can't stand to have it on for more than a minute. You may think "That's just Dave, not me" but you never know when a sensitivity will break through your body's......
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...Sure, TCM is all about holistic healing. As a consumer advocate and well-being proponent, I've written about the 24 top tips that experts are recommending out there: ......
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If sodium affects you, perhaps try potassium and find your optimum level? That's the mineral most similar to sodium.
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...I find biomass works well as a protective material. I've found it works better than bags filled with clay, and is lighter too. Works against all forms of EMF in my experience. What you want to do is use cheap candy for biomass because it preserves well and costs little. Water alone might also......
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