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I just posted a question at the yahoo group site regarding electric sensitivity.  I really need to know what I can do to ease my problems.  Here is my history.  2 years ago I found out I have MS, after looking back on my life I believe I had it for many years and ignored many of the symptoms. I am 42 years old now.  This is going to sound terrible but when I was a child my older brother had a little glass bottle of mercury. Once, we spilled a little bit out and thought it was neat that it would form into small balls and we couldn't pick it up.....yes, I can't believe that I actually played with mercury.
Now I have many symptoms that are almost making my life unbearable.  I am out on medical leave because of my MS but I also think my problems are from the building I work in.  I work on the computer all day and there is a cell phone tower on the top of the building.  The floors above us are owned by Ameritech and all I know is that there are computers on these floors for the phone company.  I will become dizzy just sitting at my desk, get extreme headaches, blurred vision,  lack focus mentally and my other MS symptoms seem worse at work. I always feel sick when I am at work.  The lighting is florescent too.  I also have problems at stores with florescent lighting.  I can barely make it through the grocery store without my eyes become sensitive to the lights and getting extreme headaches.  I was reading some of the other postings at the site and I probably have fillings with mercury in them too.   Please send me any information you have that will ease these problems I am having. Thank you.

Julie Hartinger
Marketing Executive

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Marc Martin
Hi all,

Boy, for a electrical sensitivity list, we're sure seeing a lot of mercury
poisoning posts here!

Note that there's a pretty good list for dealing with mercury poisoning here:


It's interesting that a number of people on this list have electrical
sensitivity, which seems to be further evidence that there is a connection
between electrical sensitivity and mercury poisoning.

(and if anyone is interested in downloading the complete archives from that
list, you will find LOTS of my comments about all the EMF protection
devices I've tried over the past 3 years!)


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In reply to this post by juliehart1962
Hello Julie Hartinger,
most (not all) electrosensitivity starts with the highfrequency
radiation, from mobile phones etc. If you do not take measures in
shielding, especially the bedroom, this electrosensitivity grows.
Than at a certain moment it seems that it lessens, but than your
electrosensitivity reacts to low frequency radiation.
Low frequency radiation comes from all electricity from your
wallsocket and powerlines and railways.
The body reacts to all magnetic alternating fields, from the alarm
radio at the bedside, electrical heating blankets, water beds,
electrical adjustable beds, small load-trafos, TL lightings
(especial when they are lowered from the ceiling in supermarkets),
some cash registers, etc.
I know people in Germany who cannot handle any electrical equipment
anymore, whether a TV, or electrical coffee pot, or hi-fi-
We, as building biologists, say, that the amount of allowable high
frequency radiation is for living/working rooms max 100 uW/m2 (micro
Watt per square meter) and for bedrooms between max 0.1 and 1 uW/m2.
Especial the bedroom is important. If you are successful in
shiedling the bedroom in such a way, your immune system can resist
better the daily radiation on the streets.
When wounded people are transported by 911 rescue, they have often
those *thermal blankets* around them, which you can buy at comping
One side is golden and the other side looks silver.
These blankets, you may place against your bedroom curtains with
double adhesive tape, and place them with the silver side outside
for you bedroom windows, because they are the weakest spots in house.
That is the first easy step in shielding against HF radiation of
mobile phone masts.
Charles Claessens