Wraptop effective or not?

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Wraptop effective or not?

The idea of the wraptop(tm) is to wrap the upper and lower parts of the laptop, leaving the sides open to connect devices.  Anyone know whether it' works?  It guards against magnetic shielding.

 I haven't seen it alleged that it works against electric fields.  My understanding is that the way to defend against that is to ground the laptop through the USB port and ground your own body as well, e.g. to a grounding mat.
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Re: Wraptop effective or not?

Hello David
I use laptops for years now.
The right laptop can be better than a Desktop as far as EMF goes.
It has to be weirdly connected to the network and the WIFI and Bluetooth cards need to be disabled from the Device Manager. I  recommend using a wired keyboard and mouse as well.
In order for it to be low EMF, it needs an SSD disc and not mechanical.
In addition, some of the laptops emit a high electric field while charging.
The solution for that is eighter to use it on battery mode or to connect a ground cord.
Please see the following video that explain how to make such a cord  - https://youtu.be/iAoanFL88P8
Amir Borenstein