What is the safest best heavy metal detox?

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What is the safest best heavy metal detox?

Marc, I think you have gone through detoxification.  What was the safest and most effective for you?
Did you have to go and get IV treatments?  Pills? and what what the length, dose, treatment months, years, ongoing with breaks?  I pose this question to all here and thank you for your help!

I do the heavy metal detox smoothie, but looking for an additional option.
Considering Xymogen (brand) CheleX at 2-4 pills per day and supplement minerals it can deplete like Zinc, etc.  

Does anyone have experience using Xymogen's CheleX?

 Cheers and good health!
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Re: What is the safest best heavy metal detox?

Marc Martin
Yes, well I've attempted to go through detoxification.  Not sure how successful I've been.  The problem seems to be that every recommended method (and I've tried over a dozen) has such extreme side effects or makes my health so much worse that I have to stop.

A lot of people find "Emeramide", a compound discovered by Boyd Haley to be the safest and effective.  Although I find this to deplete me of too many minerals, even with mineral supplementation.  So could only take tiny amounts.

For years I took NDF from BioRay, and did pretty good on this -- really good considering how most everything else I've tried has been a catastrophic failure.  Not sure that the NDF I took so many years ago is the exact same thing that's sold today, but it's probably close enough.

Recently I've been taking "Clean Chlorella" from the Health Ranger.  I'm doing okay with this.  I know a lot of people online badmouth chlorella for various reasons, but it's near the top of my list.

Quicksilver makes a supplement called "IMD" (intestinal metal detox) which has been relabelled as "MicroSilica" by BioPure and has had Vitamin C added to it and labelled "Metal Sweep" by BioPure.  This is pretty safe and effective, although it is meant to only stay in your digestive tract.

I've been trying to detox mercury out of my system for 20 years now, and I can tell you that I'm still not done.  Not even close.  A practitioner once claimed that I was the most heavy metal toxic person they'd ever encountered, which I suspect was probably true.

I have not tried those smoothies -- the list of ingredients is enough to scare me off, plus I've seen plenty of bad reports from people who have tried that.  I would say that if you are tolerating it and it's not making you worse, then you should consider yourself lucky and keep doing it.

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Re: What is the safest best heavy metal detox?

Marc, you made me laugh with your advice about the smoothie. But you're so right!!

i ate tons of chlorella in my life, and I loved it too.

Chlorella is not tolerated by many though, but it's still something I use on and off.

The HMD Smoothie though is so mild for me, and it does give me energy. It's a slow process though, I suppose.

I add some magnesium inside to help me with cramps caused by celery juice, and it has been helping.

Since I started the HMDS I stopped needing chlorella at a regular base. Before the HMDS, I carried chlorella in my handbag EVERY SINGLE DAY for more than a decade.

When I got those anxiety attacks, tummy pains, headaches, etc, chlorella saved me many times from that.

But since the smoothie, I even don^t carry any chlorella anymore, which means to me, that the smoothie is working.

But as you said, people react to anything wildly sometimes. I guess people who can^t tolerate cilantro will have trouble with the smoothie. I always kept cilantro in my food, so I never got trouble with it, but NDF you mentioned caused me horrible reactions (I could never finish the 2nd bottle....).

Another thing that makes move toxins (probably heavy metals too?) is the high frequency treatments with the Violet Ray. Some people react wildly to it too, with anxiety etc. They get toxic when nerves are somehow charged and they let go stuff attached to that (that's my understanding on the situation).

me too, I'm almost 2 decades on the metal detox business. I knew I was toxic just by adding zinc.

Now I found a good zinc supplement that my body tolerates (liquid zinc sulfate), and I can handle it easily, either because the smoothie is cleaning my body well, or because that zinc sulfate is the best form of zinc I ever took.

People also like zeolites and humic/ fulvic acids, but I always have trouble with these things, specially fulvic acids.... They knocked my butt so many times.

So now I'm keeping with the smoothie, it's been so far the easiest heavy metal detox therapy I ever done. Not difficult to do at all, just put the powders inside, with some banana, cilantro and wild blueberries.

One of our doctors was trying to convince us to get those DMPS injections but we'll go on with these milder forms of detox.

I do think liposomal Vit C also helps to take some of the junk out, at least, to ease any detox reaction.
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Re: What is the safest best heavy metal detox?

Its difficult to say our bodies are different some people do better on different supplements/detox protocols

Maybe find what metals you are high in and find out which supplements have research behind lowering that metal/metals load

I know one guy who got rid of most of his ehs by edta calcium chelation whereas you hear other reports of the chelations redistributing metals