What actually causes high EMFs in homes?

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What actually causes high EMFs in homes?

John Jones
I've lived in so many homes, viewed so many places over the years, and there seems to be high EMFs in just about every home these days.

But then, now and again I will find a place that has almost no EMFs. It seems almost random. I found one apartment with no EMFs, then the apartment right above had huge fields everywhere.

I moved into an apartment in a block and the fields were low at first. Then one day, all the fields in my room suddenly changed, and went high, and stayed that way for weeks.

Do we know what actually causes these high EMFs? Is it wiring? The type of electric meter? Or materials in the home? If I raise my meter upwards, I usually see huge fields as I approach the ceiling or roof. What are roofs made of to cause this?