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Benson, Sarah (Sen L. Allison)
Hi Anders, Marc

I am exactly the same. If I can sleep in a healthy balanced environment
I can cope with anything during the day, with regard to EMFs and RFR.
Sometimes after a long period in front of the computer at our office, if
I feel a bit tired or sleepy, I find that spending some time in the sun
quickly helps to restore my energy levels. Even if the sun is not
shining - if I meditate under a tree (in the park opposite the office!)
this is also good - but it is certainly better when the sun is shining.
In fact I have found that meditation is a great help regarding the
relief of ES symptoms. Also when I take a holiday and don't have TV or
sit in front of a computer every day everything improves.

My understanding is that we need cosmic radiation and the Schumann
Resonance because these are the frequencies that we have evolved from
over tens of thousands of years - both physically and psychologically.

The following was sent by a colleague and is most interesting, and is
relevant to our discussion:

Sarah Benson

"Heedlessly allowing the contamination of traditional plant varieties
with genetically engineered sequences amounts to a huge wager on our
ability to understand a complicated technology that manipulates life at
the most elemental level."

Union of Concerned Scientists, USA.

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Hi Marc,

my experience from ES tells me that if I can rest and sleep in an
environment with low levels of EM-fields (shielded room) then I can cope

with the daily amount of EM-fields. If i for instance get exposured from

several hours in a car or to many hours in front of the TV-set , then i
have to back of from further exposure for a while (a while can be
anything from a few days to months (or even years back in 1994)!


Anders Eriksson