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Benson, Sarah (Sen L. Allison)
Hi all

My name is Sarah Benson and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I have tried various things to protect me from both ELF and RF fields,
including something called a Power Modulator several years ago which can
be plugged into appliances such as the fridge etc. These were good
against ELF fields, but not for RF. I also used to have a purple plate,
but I don't know whether they are the same as the ones being discussed
on this list. Anyway, I found its protective properties weak to

I have never heard of the pulsars, paints, canopies etc that are being
discussed - but they sound useful. I have heard of Melatonin as a
remedy that works, but I'm not sure if its on sale here yet. The pineal
gland secretes it naturally, and is the most sensitive gland to EMR in
the body - which is probably why production is affected. It would also
explain why the man-made chemical would have a protective effect.

As where I live is fairly protected against antennas and ELF (I have gas
hot water system) I mainly only need protection when travelling. For
this I use an extremely effective flower essence called Special Yarrow
Formula. It was made in California, originally for the victims of the
Chernobyl disaster; it works really well for me. Another flower essence
that works is the Bach Flower essence 'Walnut' - for anyone who is
familiar with such remedies. If you are not, you can find out more from
any of these sites:

This last one lists the Special Formula under 'California Essences'.


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