Relative Danger of AC-DC Battery Charger

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Relative Danger of AC-DC Battery Charger

Hi Yall

I'm setting up the electrical system in my trailer, and I want to do it in as ES-friendly a fashion as I can while still retaining all the functions I want it to have.  I'm not myself Electrically Sensitive other than some fuzzy feelings when I hold a cell phone to my head too long, but I do have a lot of environmental sensitivities and I just want to set this up with ES-friendly "best practices" as a sensible precaution.

Basically, the issue is that I've got two spots where I can install my battery bank and battery charger.  One of them is less ideal for practical reasons (it's close to the shower and also close to the nose--and the battery bank and charger+inverter are probably the heaviest things in my trailer, so I'm concerned it'll throw off the weight a bit) but it's 4.5 feet away from my desk where I spend much of the day, whereas the location that is better for practical reasons is about 3 feet from my desk.  

So I'm wondering how much that matters.  Specifically, I'm wondering about the dangers from my ac-dc battery charger (1500 watts iirc?) and also the line from the solar panels on the roof (not yet installed) to the solar charge controller to the battery, which I understand can also be a bit of an issue.  How much difference will the extra 1.5 feet of distance make, do yall think?  Or how much difference would it make for you (since I imagine we're all a bit different).  Thanks!