Redwing boots/shoes & electrical shocks

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Redwing boots/shoes & electrical shocks

Jan Jenson <>
> Speaking of shoes, I don't know if anyone here has a problem with getting
> lots of shocks when they touch things, or if that's even one of the
> official symptoms of ES, but I learned a few years ago that some shoe
> companies make shoes with "static dissipating" soles. In the USA, Red Wing
> Shoes makes such shoes. I had a problem where I was always getting shocks
> when touching things, but after I bought these shoes, the problem
> disappeared.

I was a welder for over 22 years and wore Redwing boots at work for all
those years... mostly because they eliminated static electricity and shocks
when I touched things. Of course, welding puts a very large electrical
charge into the aura...
but I couldn't wear a watch BEFORE I started welding because they always
quit... even if I had a leather wristband!

Getting 17 amalgams and 2 nickel crowns out made a HUGE difference
because all those various metals in my mouth made me a walking battery...
no wonder I kept hearing music and couldn't figure out where it was coming

No amalgams and crowns also means no more Fibromyalgia!

Now that I eat 80 percent raw and 20 percent cooked,
my energy levels have shot off the scale (for MY age group anyhow!!).

Jan Jenson