Reacting to fibre optic installation

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Reacting to fibre optic installation

A couple of months ago BT visited our village and installed fibre optic connections to replace the use of old landline sets. My ES symptoms have got worse and I couldn't understand the dizziness and feelings of disorientation and blood pressure dropping when out walking and at home. I have just noticed that on the lamp-posts are small grey boxes or black tubular containers.
 At the same time our neighbours had 1 GB Ultra Fast Broadband fitted..strong enough for 600 people to be on zoom at the same time. I now have to use the canopy most of the day and sleep in a shielded room every night to get some relief. We are in the process of moving. Having just read the ES newsletter UK Autumn 2021 I came across this interesting information:

"ES symptoms from fibre optic transducer
From notes by Guy and Andrew:
 The light pulses or optical signals in fibre optic
cables are received by "an electro-optical
transducer" at the end of the fibre in a green
roadside cabinet which converts them to
electronic signals for the traditionally copper
wiring at new, higher frequencies. It seems that
these can cause EHS symptoms due to new
higher frequencies in the copper wiring
connecting to your modem and telephone
 EHS people are reacting to the newer higher
frequencies when the copper is in multicore
cables on telegraph poles. It will be driven by a
switch-mode power supply in each cabinet
which is likely to generate significant dirty
 Also people without broadband but just using
voice landlines get the higher frequencies down
their landline wires. To avoid these frequencies
plug in two 4-choke ADSL filters at the BT
terminal. Then use an airtube headset to avoid
the magnetic loop in the ordinary earpiece
radiating your ear with audio-frequency
magnetic fields. Not all landline desksets work
with airtune headsets - I use a BT Converse
2300 V2 which does work with a headset."

Is anyone else struggling with and can feel the increase in emfs from the stronger faster broadbands and fibre optics?
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Re: Reacting to fibre optic installation

Marc Martin
I see a lot of complaints about fiber optics on the Facebook group. Presumably it's the electronics needed to convert the fiber optics into something useful.  Modems, routers, etc.

And I've long noticed that more capable, faster internet hardware is in general worse.  Although you can sometimes find exceptions to this.  With my regular cable internet connection, I went through over 10 modems and 10 routers finding the ones that I reacted to the least.  And the end result was that I now have an internet connection that is 10 times faster than it was before, yet still tolerable.