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Jan Jenson <>
> The issue I am trying to understand: Is EMF also a
> radiation? I think I more or less understand how to
> remove radiation from the body, but what I still don't
> understand is how to remove EMF.

In MY opinion (and I may NOT fully understand this issue)
I feel that EMF can be likened to the far-infared RAYS from the sun.
That's how it affects our bodies. When you talk on a cell phone,
the microwaves produced by the phone travel into your brain and can
literally scramble your brain in as little as 5 minutes.
Studies done with rats exposed to cell phones show massive damage to brain
cells and cancer formation in a very short time.
Those microwaves are also floating around in our atmosphere from cell phone
towers bouncing signals all over the place.

You cannot "remove" those rays (as such).
You CAN wear a Clarus pendant or something from other companies offering
products... and as Marc has stated over and over again in this forum, what
works for HIM may not be adequate (or too strong) for others.

What I've found works for ME is to eat as much raw food as possible and
muscle test for proper supplements (in addition to food) so my immune system
is strengthened to the MAX and eliminate as much EMF-causing electronic
equipment from my bedroom and confine it to one room in the house.
I also turn EVERYTHING off at night when I'm sleeping.

During the day I wear my little leather pouch with a Tachyon energy cell, a
coil of speaker wire, and my crystal pendant/pendulum that's also my chosen
"protector" (it chose me!!). That seems to help keep my energy levels at a
good steady pace throughout the day. I noticed for several days when I
didn't wear the pouch that I felt a lot more stressed out from computers and
anything electrical around me... so it DOES work!

If you MUST spend much time on a cell phone, get ear phones that plug into
the phone with a long wire and keep the cell phone OFF your body as much as
possible. If carried at the waist or in a pocket, those microwaves enter
your body where the phone is worn (even if it's off!). Muscle test yourself
to see if that's true for YOU!

Hope some of this is helpful.
If you want a list of the good websites I've discovered for raw foods,
please send me an email inprivate and I will send you those websites
AND another email with some YUMMY recipes I've tried.

I'm starting TWO raw foods groups in this region this month!!
One in Statesville, NC; another in Mooresville, NC.
Go to They have a listing of where raw foods
potlucks are happening around the U.S.
There are others around the planet... but not sure where to look.
Just type RAW FOODS into Google and where you live and see what comes up!

Jan Jenson