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Jan Jenson <>
2. You said you are high in uranium... What is the explanation of how you
got it? Been there in Gulf!? (We in Serbia had a heavy bombing 5 years ago,
and many people got sick, me as well, but it has never been proved out what
was the cause of malaises. Uranium testing is inavailable here.)

I have been using detox patches on the bottoms of my feet for several
VERY successfully!
LOTS of heavy metal toxins coming out from 22 years of welding and having
17 amalgams and 2 nickel crowns removed within the past 2 years...!
We have a fellow here in NC who tests them and EVERY single pair of pads he
has showed traces of uranium for YEARS>

It only took 48 hours for the ash from Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980
to completely circumnavigate the planet.
Uranium ash from depleted uranium bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq
have been polluting us for years...!
The military doesn't CARE... they're just doing what they've been told by
for far too long.


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