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Rate the best EMF safety ideas

I'd like to start a thread where people can list their best anti-EMF safety ideas.  That seems like a very efficient way to help each other, don't you think so too?   Here are my ratings (they're geared towards a heavy user of computers):

  1. (*****) Getting a low-EMF laptop: http://www.es-forum.com/Lowest-EMF-Laptop-td4032122.html

  2. (****) Using Antennasearch.com to make sure I don't spend prolonged periods of time near cell phone towers: http://antennasearch.com/

  3. (****) Getting a wireless Bluetooth keyboard so I can use my computer from a greater distance; a USB keyboard with multiple USB extension cords is another way (https://www.logitech.com/en-us/combos)

  4. (***) Getting wearable binoculars so I can see my computer from up to 40 feet away (https://www.amazon.com/wearable-binoculars/s?k=wearable+binoculars)

  5. (***) Minimizing usage of cell phones to almost nothing; and when I do use one, I speak using a Bluetooth speaker set 30 feet away from the cell phone, protecting myself from the Bluetooth waves by interposing a metal shield between me and the speaker set.

  6. (***) Grounding myself (and anything metal I'm wearing) with electrical wiring, to relieve static and create an anti-EMF "umbrella effect": https://betterearthing.com.au/earthing-and-emf-emr-explained/#:~:text=Secondly%2C%20when%20you%20are%20earthed%20or%20grounded%2C%20the,body.%20Can%20Earthing%20Give%20You%20an%20Electric%20Shock%3F

  7. (***) Staying out of buildings as much as possible, including moving out of a rented room to live in a van

  8. (***) Wearing (and sleeping in) bio-material protection over my chest and occasionally my head, e.g. bags of candy taped together to form a shield: http://www.es-forum.com/The-eyes-are-the-windows-of-the-EMF-d-quot-td4035876.html#a4035938

  9. (**) Wearing an all-metal anti-EMF jacket (look for my how-to post within a week)

Now that I have a low-EMF laptop, I can resume work on my idea for anti-EMF safety posters.  Also I will maintain this post #1 of this thread, by relisting all the ideas everyone else mentions.  So be sure to subscribe to this thread by clicking the "Options" link above and then click "Subscribe via email."

Want to contribute your best EMF safety ideas?  Rate them by replying to this post, in a format similar to this post so that everyone can see your opinion of what worked best for you (e.g. rate ideas from one to five stars.) Your lis can rate ideas new to this thread, or you can just provide ratings for ideas you've read here, or you can do both. Where appropriate, consider providing helpful links as I've done above.