RF levels on acousticomm 2 for ehs individuals?

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RF levels on acousticomm 2 for ehs individuals?

Hello everyone I just moved to
An apartment a few miles further from the airport maybe 10 min drive.I notice the levels on
my acousticom 2 are 0.30v/m

The first night I only got 5 hrs
of sleep then the second and 3rd night got at least 8 hrs

I have been having this lingering
weakness and flu-like feeling
more pronounced in the apartments and also wearing
long sleeve at times feeling cold

In the house where I stayed 1km from the airport but not in the planes landing path the levels were 0.10v/m in my room even
with the WiFi on 25 ft away

There is plenty of sunshine outside and a forest area where one can perhaps sleep behind
the apartments
However it’s on the path of planes
landing every 30-60 secs
I have noise sensitivity and sometimes ear plugs don’t help

I can go into an area where the
levels drop down to the second
green on the acousticom 2 and
wear earplugs however I’m not
sure if the trees would absorb the
chemicals from the jets and if the
planes getting ready to land a few thousand feet overhead would beam 5g in a place covered with trees.

I have been trying to foil a closet
with aluminum but it has been a struggle since there are clothing
racks screwed hardly into the wall
in the apartments

Other than this not quite sure what to do besides asking to
stay at a friends or a shelter with
only 800 in savings and Cfs

Thank you guys and gals

I appreciate it
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Re: RF levels on acousticomm 2 for ehs individuals?

OK, there is a lot to unpack here.

The short answer, is probably that you should relocate rather than remediate, if at all possible.  You are obviously sensitive to many things and will not be able to ignore them, so you will be chronically stressed.

Many people with EHS are also chemical sensitive.  They do tend to go hand-in-hand.  Temperature regulation has sometimes been an issue, though we usually ascribe that to other systemic health issues other than the EHS, but likely everything is linked.  Often the EHS can come after systemic or chronic health problems, exposure to mold or similar.

Airports have unpleasant sound/vibration, and the higher frequency airplane radar that will only partially be captured by RF meters.  Those radar pulses (and other air traffic control comms) are intense.  And the chemicals in the exhaust are unhealthful.

0.3 v/m on the Acousticom 2 is a no-go for our EHS person.  That will give her chest compression within moments.  We usually live in our house sanctuary with no lights illuminated (below 0.01 v/m) for the RF and that is perfectly comfortable.

Shielding is a toss-up -- it could make your life better and it could make your life worse because you have to know where the signals come from and will bounce and you might end up doubling them up on yourself.

It is hard to say about 5G.  Aside from the nefarious uses of 5g, the normal use is supposed to involve tight beams to the persons with a 5G phone, radiating anyone in the direct path with heavy sub-6 GHz frequency RF.  I think the 5G problems are yet to come in all but the most congested urban environments, as more people use 5g-enabled phones.

There are plenty of steps you can take in your apartment, including eliminating your wifi completely (using a wired cable instead), but it does seem that this home near the airport will never be the sanctuary you need.  I hope by now you were able to move.  If not, and you still want some guidance how to remediate, then just let us know.