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Lachlan Mudge

Also have this condition and I know quite a few people who do this as well.
When I read your post, it made me remember reading the legal hearing
transcripts from a case in Michigan where dairy farmers were sueing the
electrical utility for damages based on the influence of stray voltage (earth
currents) on cows. Many cows in paddocks were seen (and video taped) kicking
their legs and acting in a distressed manner. This condition was attributed to
stray/earth currents passing through the legs of the cows and causing a 'small'
electric shock at the contact points. It is probable that essentially, a
'loop' is formed by the legs (good conductors) of a human and when this loop is
placed in an alternating magnetic field, a current will therefore flow around
the loop, from one foot to the other. Because this current would be flowing
from one set of nerve endings to another (this is where my knowledge is shaky),
I imagine that a lot of 'unwanted' electrical messages are being transmitted to
various nerves and other parts of the legs, causing this feeling of
restlessness. It would be so simple to do an experiment on this, since it's
relatively easy to measure and therefore shield or avoid magnetic fields in the
sleeping environment and it's also easy to record leg movements. Please
forward the channel 9 transcript if you manage to locate it. Thanks


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From: Benson, Sarah (Sen L. Allison) [mailto:[hidden email]]
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Last night on a late-night news (Channel 9, Australia) program there was
a segment on a newly discovered condition called, believe it or not,
'Restless Legs Syndrome'. Apparently a lot of people suffer from it -
it occurs at night when trying to sleep. They can't keep their legs
still, and some on the program were complaining of feelings that their
nerves could not shut down. I know how this feels, because it is what
happens when I am trying to sleep in a house or building that has
radiating devices of any sort - whether they are mainstream technical or
devices like BioProtect. Also happens very strongly with earth fields.

The program then went on to talk about a new drug that has been
developed to counteract it. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to
find a transcript of the segment.


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From: Marc Martin [mailto:[hidden email]]
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> This form of agitation, is this the same as the agitation you feel
> when you wear the springlife polarizers (too) long?

They are similar, but not the same. When I wear a Springlife Polarizer
that is larger than necessary for the current circumstances, I feel good
initially (like for the first couple hours), but eventually this turns
into agitation. This is not the "panic attack"/chest discomfort
agitation though. Instead, it seems more of a general agitation, along
with some dehydration symptoms and a metallic taste in my mouth. The
solution is to either switch to a smaller sized model, take a break from
wearing anything, or put it a foot away from me.

However, those other devices cause agitation almost immediately (like
within a minute or two), and the agitation is so severe that it's worse
than the EMF exposure! And in the case of the sacred geometry
medallions, I found that my ES symptoms got worse afterwards, and stayed
that way for a couple weeks after I got rid of them.

With the chia seeds, I do get the chest discomfort symptom, which seems
to peak several hours after consuming them and gradually fades away
after that. But at least with these, I can lower my intake to a level
where I only experience the benefits (increased
energy/endurance) without the agitation. But note that this level of
intake is very small -- less then 1/8 teaspoon.


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