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Lachlan Mudge
I don't know much about the way certain electronic devices use a quartz crystal
(old crystal set radios for instance) as a resonator (or something like that)
with a specific frequency, but I imagine the phenomena people are experiencing
relates to this. Could it be that the crystals are absorbing the
electromagnetic energy from the computer or whatever other device, rather than
the human, thus creating a 'protective effect'. If so, this ought to make
sense to the scientific community and might be another way to shield oneself (I
daresay others have already caught on to this?)

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I purchased what is called a "prosperity crystal" from our pranic healing
association. As its name says it is supposed to attract prosperity.
Interestingly enough, from the moment I picked it up, it gave my body some
sort of electrical balancing. So anytime I feel EMF is overwhelming me, I
hold onto the crystal and it helps level me out.
This is especially interesting to me because of a recent experience that I
have had. I purchased a bracelet made of quartz crystal merely because I liked

the bracelet. Very much to my surprise it slightly but noticeably increased
the amount of time I could be on the computer/phone without agitation. So, I
purchased 3 more of the same bracelet. Unfortunately, 4 bracelets were not
better than just the one (don't understand that one) Stephanie

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