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Lachlan Mudge
Have you tried asking the people on either the metals or emfacts lists?

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From: Glenn Coleman [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Tuesday, 25 May 2004 3:46 PM
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Subject: [eSens] Anybody know of specialist or general practioner that support
EMF treatments?


I am in a tough position, since I am on long-term disability, and all my
insurance company, and my general practitioner want to do is send me to
psychiatrists and put me on paxil type medications (which I had been placed
on for my mysterious illness for 5 yrs only to create a disaster). They are
completely ignorant to EMF issues and only listen to psychiatrists old
methods. I completely abandoned them since I discovered holistic methods
were starting to make me feel better. Now I'm about 50% to a full recovery.
Unfortunately I could still loose my disability for not following doctors

So now I need to find a doctor that can do a diagnosis on me and give a
report that supports my ES problem, so I can continue on disability until I
am strong enough to work (rather than being turned into a vegetable on paxil
or other heavy drugs).

Does anyone know of a general practitioner or specialist doctor in North
America that supports solutions for ES recovery? I don't mind even taking a
plane to get there.

I have allot of support from alternate healthcare like my naturopath,
Shiatsu therapist, and pranic healing master, but they don't qualify with my
insurance company.



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