Portable Generator, and Eliminating the source of adrenal and autonomic nervous system offense

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Portable Generator, and Eliminating the source of adrenal and autonomic nervous system offense

I most definately have an EF field issue in my home office that is probably the daily trigger for devastation of my adrenal glands and nervous system.  

I can say with measurably positivity that the adrenals and NS have been taking the beating because I have been under the care of an experienced Alternate physician/friend that utilizes the Veradyne SC5 electro-meridian measurement hardware/software and the Wavefront 3000.  

This is in addition to providing hair mineral analysis test results as well as other things to work out solutions to the problems.  All the years I've worked with him we've always been able to quickly find and fix the issue...big or small.

However, for almost a year now its been a struggle finding the trigger that affects the adrenals and NS which of course ends messing with the parasympathetic-to-sympathetic nervous system balance and all those organs/glands/tissues associated with each side of the spectrum.

I've had no shortage of medical insight, and tests ruling out everything under the sun and to gather as much data as possible.  

I've always been sensitive but that ramped up dramatically when I first started working in an office environment 12 years ago but I managed it nicely up until the 2020 indefinate change to working from home.

It wasn't an immediate downhill, but in 2022 things came to a head after having an MRI on my foot, and trying my hand at earthing(which was a mistake because there was stray voltage in the ground..(confirmed by my alternate who was an electrician prior to alternate healthcare).

Things got better, but its been a continue battle due to unknown trigger/triggers.  

Sure they put up 5g verizon neighborhood phone poles in 2020, sure I've got the smart meters, and all the usual.  

I've done everything to mitigate and eliminate.  

I believe it is my house wiring EF that becomes very noisy and aggressive when I plug my laptop and computer monitor in.  The harmonics of my environment change drastically.  It shows on my electrosmog meters as well as it can be felt.  

I will have an electrician come soon to try to update my outlet with 3rd prong earth ground as well as a few other things.  There is also a wiring fault I'm sure in an old aluminum light switch line that hasn't been used in decades because it would make a buzzing sound and lights would flicker.

I do have a Jameco Benchtop Transformer Isolator, to cancel out/reduce noise from my computer equipment, but won't try to use it until I get that outlet updated.

I've been looking into getting a Generac portable generator anyways and I wonder how effective that would be to my EF field scenario.  Once that powerstrip goes on for my computer equipment, everything ramps up.  It's like an electromagnetic prison.  Thats with the laptop in the next room as well.  no wifi.

Also wondering if the built-in wifi charger on the generator would cause much of an issue.

Like everything else, there is always more to a story.  This is just in light detail as I can get.

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Re: Portable Generator, and Eliminating the source of adrenal and autonomic nervous system offense

I haven't pulled the trigger on hooking up the laptop to an electric portable generator to reduce the house EF noise.
However, I did run across an anomaly that greatly reduced the AC EF in my home office.

I unplugged my airtube headphones (plugged into laptop), and hooked up my computer speakers instead, which of course have their own AC plug in. I plugged that into a separate wall outlet.

That instantly reduced to AC Fields /noise, and has ever since.

I'm ignorant, but I believe in doing so I closed some sort of 'loop'  which there was no path before.
This has greatly helped things out as well.

Though improved , the Problem still remains, even at night with everything unplugged, there is so much noise on the grid from everyone's air conditioners, appliances, and devices.  I'd like to get the EF down even further around the outlets.

I'd like to try AC filters like Stetzer or Greenwave but after studying through these threads and other areas, I'm not so sure about it.  $800 for a kit smells like snake oil.  I get people wanting to make profit, and cover for overhead etc, but I'm skeptical.