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New site for better health, safety and financial freedom

Helping people live healthier and happier is my work and mission, as a consumer advocate and well-being proponent In that spirit, I'd like to share my latest philanthropic creation:

In a nutshell:  You can award yourself seven "Good Life Bonuses" focused on finding ways to improve your finances.  Health is well-covered too. One Bonus enhances your safety as well, but there is much still to be covered in the coming months.

Plus it's a really fun site: The vibe is kinda like "here's seven surprise Holiday Bonuses for all Americans!"

It's normally $47, but right now you can get all seven bonuses free forever.  You get one Good Life Bonus immediately, then a free trial gives you the other six.  If you absolutely love it all, the cost is $27. Otherwise canceling is easy because I only want money from happy buyers.

In return please leave some helpful comments, if you have the time.  Surf on over now to:

Use the Special Codeword "esmember" when prompted.

Best wishes to all,

Dave Snell

P.S. No one is turned away at my site.  PayPal is used to securely accept any card and you don't have to be a PayPal member. If you don't have a payment card or you have a problem with PayPal, just email me to get a complimentary Access Key.  You can send me an email by clicking on my name at the top of this message.