NAET/NMT for EMF sensitivity

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NAET/NMT for EMF sensitivity

Marc Martin
Hi all,

Here is a copy of an email I just received:
Hi Marc,
Just keeping up on my research of biofields and came across the postings on
BioHarmonics. I have some helpful advice.

I have been 90% cured of EMF sensitivity. I got to where I was passing out
at my computer. Buzzing next to any appliance. I purchased a Qlink and
tried a few alt med treatments. But was amazed after 6 weeks with a
treatment of NAET. I found a physician in my area that performed the
treatment. They have now improved on that treatment (this was 3 years ago)
and have established a treatment called NMT which can eliminate in as
little as 1 session. The treatment is designed to treat allergies and
sensitivities. AND IT WORKS!

I suggest that you research on the internet and look up NAET and NMT. See
if you can find a practitioner in your area. And it's cheap.

I'm in advertising and work at a computer all day designing. I am only
affected after a long 14 hour day. That seems to be my limit. Even then the
symptoms are pretty mild.
You have my sincerest sympathies of your condition.
I hope this helps you.
Susan Tower

After I asked for permission to post this message on eSens, here is her reply:
Absolutely. I am soooo relieved from this therapy that I want all Hyper
sensitives to know about it. Please let them know it is curable.

Essentially what has happened is that we are a unique group of early evolution.
We have hyper-sensitive nervous systems. When an energy blockage in a
certain area occurs we start experiencing symptoms in relation to EMF. I am
not an expert but that is what I have come to understand.

Keep me posted on your recovery.