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Muscle Testing Results

Marc Martin
Hi all,

Since I haven't figured out an appropriate solution for neutralizing my
new LCD monitor, I went to my nutritionist, who in the past has given me
good advice on which devices to use. For this, she uses muscle testing
-- she asks me to imagine sitting in front of the computer, and then
muscle tests various devices and supplements. In the past, her advice
has worked out well for me in practice. One of the problems I have with
experimentation by myself is that when multiple things are required,
it's virtually impossible for me to figure out which are the best
combination using trial & error. This is because I get adverse symptoms
from not only using too few devices, but also using too many devices!
Another complicating factor is that my cats have adverse reactions to
certain devices being in the house, and she said that she can test to
see what the cats will tolerate.

I brought in the following items for testing:

Supplements: Primal Defense, Green Magma Barly Grass Powder, Cataplex
Springlife Polarizers: Slimline, OM2, OM, Lifeforce
Quantum Products: Quantum Monitor, Quantum Pro

For the LCD monitor at home, I was a bit surprised by how few items she
recommended. She found the following solutions:

-- Quantum Pro at 30% setting (best solution)
(or) -- Primal Defense (3 caps/day) + Lifeforce Polarizer (next best
(or) -- OM2 Polarizer by computer + OM Polarizer by me

When testing the cat's tolerance, she noted that the cats will not
tolerate either the Quantum Pro or the OM2 Polarizer being in the house
(this seems correct to me), so I will try the Primal Defense + Lifeforce
Polarizer option.

We also tested my work environment, which is loaded with florescent
lights and computers, and I sit in front of a 21" CRT monitor all day.
The options were:

-- Quantum Pro (6 hours tolerance)
-- Slimline by monitor + OM2 by me (4 hours tolerance)
-- Slimline by monitor + OM2 by me + Primal Defense (3 caps/day)
(6 hours)

She found that adding the Quantum Pro to the Primal Defense did not
increase my tolerance over 6 hours/day, but using the Springlife
Polarizers for part of the day and then switching to the Quantum Pro
increases my tolerance past 8 hours/day. Also, taking a break in the
middle of day (lunch?) also extends the last option from 6 hours to 8

Considering that I usually spend time in front of a computer both a work
and at home, I think I will try the following solution:

-- Primal Defense 3 caps/day
-- Slimline Polarizer + OM2 Polarizer for initial part of work
-- Quantum Pro for latter part of work
-- Lifeforce Polarizer for LCD at home

I don't know if this will work, but I will give it a try.

She has also in the past recommended using the OM pendant while
driving in the car, and the Lifeforce pendant when out shopping,
etc. and while sleeping, so I'll continue to do that.

I also found it interesting that she didn't recommend the Quantum
for use at either work or at home, when this item is specifically
designed for use with the computer. Especially since I tried this
already and it seemed to help (but the cats don't seem to tolerate
this, so it's not a good option anyway)