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Medical medium on radiation treatment

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For those who are not familiar, Anthony William is the Medical Medium.

I'm following his advice of diet for almost 2 years now, and I do like it. It has been the best type of diet for me, that had helped me move forward with my health.

The last book of AW is Cleanse to Heal.

I read all of his previous books and am reading this one.

Anthony considers all types of radiation bad, and he does not make a big difference between radioactive isotopes from an X ray device or atomic bombs, and cell phone radiation, or wifi. All of that, he simply calls 'radiation'.

He said there are 4 main problems for humanity:
1- radiation,
2- heavy metals,
3- pathogens such as viruses and bacteria,
4- pesticides, herbicides, DDT, fungicides.

They are all somehow equally important, and all burden humans and animals.

Pathogens thrive in human bodies DUE to toxins (radiation, heavy metals, pesticides).
If the human body were clean, there would be less chronic diseases, less chronic infections (pathogens).

Toxins weaken the immune system, and allow pathogens to thrive.
Another reason pathogens thrive in toxic environments is because many LIVE from toxins.
They eat up toxins, trying to decompose it, but the poop/pee from pathogens can be very toxic, even more toxic than pure toxins.

Pathogens somehow know how to use toxins (such as heavy metals) to make them into weapons, how to make such toxins become even more toxic.

That's why he says we gotta get rid of pathogens, by starving them.
how to starve pathogens? Don't feed them with eggs, milk, gluten, and try to clean these heavy metals and radiation away!

Give pathogens radiation or DDT, they don't need much more: they'll survive on these foods.

One image you can think of: a river or lake with industrial waste.
It stinks badly, because pathogens thrive there, trying to decompose the toxic mess.
No fish, no ducks, no nice insects will thrive on these dark polluted waters, only toxic bacteria/ viruses will.

Same in our human bodies.
Good bacteria does not thrive in industrial toxic junk.
Nor in radioactive particles.
Good bacteria thrives in antioxidants, foods rich with vitamins, minerals, like we humans thrive on these things too.

Yes, Anthony sees radiation as a physical 'thing', that pollutes our bodies like heavy metals do.
He said that his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie takes off heavy metals and RADIATION!!

Yes, he says that on and on again.

the HMDS has these 5 ingredients: wild blueberries + red dulse + barley grass juice powder + Hawaiian spirulina powder + fresh cilantro leaves. We add 2 bananas to prepare the smoothie.

He said there's NOTHING on our planet that is better than this HMDS for detoxing heavy metals.
This formula eliminates heavy metals rather easily, he mentioned that elsewhere.

Heavy metals are one of the easiest toxins to be eliminated, he said, compared to other dozens, hundreds of chemicals our bodies are polluted with, much harder to clean.

One way to move heavy metals better is to take celery juice before the HMDS.

Celery juice will SOFTEN and LOOSEN heavy metals from its sitting place, then when you take the HMDS, it will pull the heavy metals easily.

The HMDS has all the ingredients one needs to detox any part of the body: brain, nerves, organs, bones, skin, gut, etc.

 I feel different parts of my body when I take it: my brain, eyes feel more clear, now I feel my sinuses being cleaned. It's different each time.

It does help me with fatigue. I think because it's an extremely rich food, like a super natural vitamin in multiple shots.

I finally could make my husband take it too. He resisted for long, but now is taking it.
Just a small amount, but that is a start.

So if anyone would like to try, I highly recommend it.
It gives you a feeling of peace, somehow (for me, it does).

Don't take the whole recipe, start with 1/4 of the amount and increase slowly.

Even without celery juice, it will work.

You may take just lemon juice before, on empty stomach, early morning.

Wait 20 min to 30 min, then take your HMDS for better results.

If you're willing to do it even better, do then first lemon water (wait 15-30 min then) take celery juice (wait 15-30 min then) take the HMDS. Don't eat gluten + eggs + milk products + fatty food until lunch, so that your liver will clean your whole body in the morning!

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Re: Medical medium on radiation treatment

Recently, Anthony explained about X-rays: when our suitcases are X-rayed at airports, he said that they get charged and will emit radiation for a very long time.

He said that the potency of X-rays for cabin luggage (carry on) and the other suitcases that go under is different, the carry-on luggage X-rays are much weaker (about 2x weaker) than the other device.

He said that after the 3rd time a suitcase is X-rayed (under luggage), the suitcase will emit radiation that is harmful for humans. And it will continue to emit such radiation for many years (longer than 100 years, the age of a human being).

For cabin luggage, it takes 6 X-rays for it to start becoming dangerous.

Which means that you can only use your suitcase for 2 trips (go and back), and it will become a source of radiation.

The larger the bag, the more it collects radiation, he says.

Never store such suitcase in the bedrooms, he recommends.
He throws his suitcases away, he said. As he said: for larger checked-in suitcases (under luggage) he tosses them off after 3 uses.

For carry on suitcases, he tosses them off after 6 uses.
It's bad ecologically, but he asks: "Can your health afford such constant radiation, 24 hr a day, forever?"