Masks are useless Prof Cahill explains why

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Masks are useless Prof Cahill explains why

Masks are useless for preventing Covid19.

Social distancing too.

Prof Cahill, a super scientist, says that her government should be held responsible for all these wrong measures.

The whole media is speaking bullshit.

This crisis had so many unnecessary deaths.

Her suggestion to treat Covid19: vitamin C, zinc, hydroxychloroquine.

Covid19 is not as NEARLY dangerous as Ebola. Covid19 is easily treatable.

This info is inside the interview of Del Bigtree.

Watch the end: she's very critical against a corona virus vaccine!!!

There hasn't been a safe Corona virus vaccine in the last 17 years.
The effect can be the opposite: the vaccine can increase cytokine storms, that are the main responsible for deaths through Corona viruses.

She fully agrees with Dr Judy Mikovits!

How does this relates to ES people?

Well, I guess I can affirm that people with ES have immune problems.
Either allergies, or chronic infections, or chronic inflammation or all of the 3 simultaneously plague us.

So, we're not 'normal' population, but more like the weaker portion of the population, in terms of immune system strength.

Specific corona viruses vaccines mess up with the immune system of the normal population already, and as said in the interview, she also knows they are infected with corona viruses!! Exactly like Judy Mikovits said.

In sum, people with ES should be more wary to be the guinea pigs of any Corona virus vaccines.

And if this story of masks reactivating dormant infections is true, well, this is another point for ES people, who are all - in my opinion - fighting chronic ACTIVE infections, that are cyclic (come and go) or permanent (that stay for years, decades even).
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Re: Masks are useless Prof Cahill explains why

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Historically, peaks of solar magnetic activity coincided with global influenza outbreaks.

At the initial stage of COVID-19 outbreak, COVID-19 outbreak zones coincided with 5G zones.

I think EMF and electromagnetic radiation cause flu-like symptoms which people mistakenly diagnose as influenza and COVID-19.

My conclusion is that EMF, toxic chemicals, nutritional deficiency, and bad lifestyle cause symptoms of all globally infamous contagious diseases including mad cow disease, ebola, scurvy, AIDS/HIV, influenza, and COVID-19. In crude words, they are all fake diseases that exist only in our minds and on mainstream media. You can literally cause symptoms of those diseases by increasing EMF or spraying humans and animals with toxic chemicals. For example, mad cow disease was caused by toxic chemicals some governments forced farmers to spray cows with in order to fight warble flies harassing cows. Organic farmers who refused the toxic chemical was spared from mad cow disease. If you want to hear details, consume articles and videos from conspiracy theorists. I trust some conspiracy theorists like David Icke and James Corbett.

Basically, question all contagious diseases invented after 1900. That includes spanish flu which was also caused by EMF and perhaps vaccination. I suspect EMF and coronavirus vaccine will be the killer combination that may kill millions of people in order to scare people into giving up freedom and accepting totalitarianism for safety.

From October 2020,
* 802.11ad WiFi routers in school classrooms may beam 60Ghz waves onto children's faces. 60Ghz excites oxygen molecules. Human lungs cannot easily absorb excited oxygen molecules.
* Chemtrail may contain toxic chemicals or toxic bacteria or toxic nano machines.
* 5G ground stations may emit 60Ghz waves in order to simulate lack of oxygen which will be diagnosed as COVID-19.

Bill Gates really wishes to get people's attention in the second wave which he planned for October and November of 2020.