Lithium and EMF's

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Lithium and EMF's

Saw a FB post about this, something to look into more:

Copied from his post.
Lithium for Energy, Sleep, Mood, Electrical Sensitivity, and Detox.
Lithium is an essential mineral that is highly underrated with at least 5 very broad functions:
Energy production within mitochondria of every cell of every organ for every function.
Lithium is part of the mechanism of sleep because it is part of the suprachiasmatic nucleus behind the eyes that is involved in regulating circadian rhythms.
Lithium is very well researched in psychiatry and can be effective against the full range of neurological and mood disorders:
• anxiety
• depression
• suicide
• bipolar
• schizophrenia
• Alzheimer’s
• lower homicide rates when added to municipal water.  
Research in psychiatry finds that one the mechanisms of action is regulation of voltage gated calcium ion channels, which is involved in electrical sensitivity
Lithium helps down-regulate calcium channels so that non native electro magnetic radiation does not cause calcium efflux into cells leading to over stimulation and free radical damage that creates fatigue and pain.
Astonishingly, this connection to electrical toxicity is completely absent in discussions about electrical sensitivity.
Lithium is also essential to key detoxification processes, and this is studied within the psychiatric research:
• In the Glutathione pathway
• In Methylation as a cofactor for vitamins B12 and folate.
Many people with mercury poisoning such as myself had extremely low lithium levels on hair mineral tests that diagnosed mercury poisoning originally. Interestingly, lithium nutrition is rarely discussed in mercury detoxification, although some people mention in as a cofactor as above.
Lithium nutrition is almost always discussed in terms of supplements and not whole food nutrition.
Supplements have many success stories but some complaints as well, and it’s hard to sort out if it was just detox so it was actually working versus the problems with supplements.
People get trace amounts in mineral rich foods like seafood, but that’s not necessarily enough when one is chronically deficient due to unnatural levels of toxicity and in need of therapeutic doses.
Just because you need it does not mean you need a supplement, rather than food.
Generally food is better than supplements but can’t get into that here.
I can’t give any personal advice in comment when I don t know anything about someone or what they need.
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Re: Lithium and EMF's

I experimented with taking a natural supplement form of lithium once...found it did decrease my reactivity to the fields and helped with getting through a town trip, but made me feel sleepy and kind of drugged down...didn't really like it.