Licorice decoction experiment

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Licorice decoction experiment

My licorice decoction experiment goes on.
I'm taking less than a tsp a day, in DECOCTION.
I cook 1 flat spoon of licorice for about 25 minutes, with raw ginger. Then take it during the day with honey and lemon balm tea.

Since I started it, I noticed a few things:

   - very deep sleep : I even forgot one could sleep so deep.
I literally fall asleep and have no memory of the whole night.
When I wake up in the morning, it's like I had a total blackout.
This has happened since day 2 or 3 of licorice decoction.

   - in the beginning, I felt all my joints got in pain, specially bigger joints, meaning, it was treating them. Now I feel barely anything in the joints.

   - I do think Anthony William is right concerning licorice charging the adrenals.
I feel a deep energy being filled in my body.
If I understood right, licorice is one of the ONLY substances of the planet to CHARGE the adrenals this way.
In TCM language, this would be like a substance RECHARGING the Chi. Very special capability....

    -AW considers licorice the MOST IMPORTANT herb for today (he wrote that in the Food book).

    - the way AW proposes (infusion) makes me barely any effect (I notice basically nothing).

    - The decoction is used all over the world for centuries.
Even decoction can't take all hidden chemicals in licorice, according to Buhner.
He said, licorice needs something acid to pull out all its chemicals (such as vinegar, that I won't use).
 I'm thinking to make experiments with lemon in the future.

    - since the decoction experiment, I now 'understand' this herb much better.
For sure, it works better TOGETHER with other herbs.
In combo, we avoid side effects (because licorice cannot be taken continuously due to side effects).
- So far (about 10-14 days on the experiment, I think) no side effects at all.
I start to like the taste of it.

    - Decoction tastes MUCH better than infusion, more mild taste!! (very strange, isn't it?)

    - Anthony William suggests 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
I'll do Buhner's way and take it for at least 1 month. Buhner suggests up to 6 weeks, then pause.

   -  Licorice was treating my sinuses, uterus, nerves from my back (around the spine) and bones at first. Now, I can't be sure it continues to treat these parts, as I feel nothing special.

    - what makes me go on, is this feeling of total sleep re-charge.
Since the event of cell phones (in the 90s), I could never really have deep sleep.
I swear this licorice does something in my brain that allows me to sleep very deep and recharge my energies this way!
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Re: Licorice decoction experiment

jinna i juiced licorice for a bit, it gave me crazy detox dejavu, i mean it worked as a detox really well, but the dajavu thing sucks, i got a simular dejavu feeling from hibiscus tea
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Re: Licorice decoction experiment

In reply to this post by Jinna
Interesting coincidence as I started taking adrenal support supplements and the major ingredient is licorice.
When I remember to take it regularly I notice improvement in joint pain and perhaps better sleep.

I will continue for a few weeks and then break a week or two also...

Jinna, how do you cook it?  in water?  how much water ratio?