Interesting perspective on EMF & mercury

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Interesting perspective on EMF & mercury

Glenn Coleman
I just saw my naturopath today, Dr. John Matsen, Author of Eating Alive II.
I hadn't seen him for about 5 years.

Interestingly enough, he is treating patients for a whole list of illnesses
related to mercury poisoning, including EMF.

He mentioned that to avoid getting too sick after having mercury fillings
removed, to take 15 drops of Cilantro, before and after having fillings
removed. He said Cilantro binds to the mercury released during removal.

He was telling me that the Immuocal I was taking would help with mercury
poisoning by replacing the sulfur in my body that is bonded by mercury. I
knew that the Immunocal was helping me, but didn't know why - now I do. He
said mercury bonds all through our body onto sulphur that exists with all
our cells. He also said our livers take the biggest punishment due to
mercury, and cause a whole array of problems. The immunocal also helps to
boost immune system & detoxify so works well to support EMF issues.

Here is a link to his website with some remarkable stories from Dr. Matsen:

Here is link to Immunocal: