ICD-11 Recognition of EHS

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ICD-11 Recognition of EHS

A must of Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili  (and all the other "EHS-associations")  is the recognition of EHS.
This means that EHS and/or its symptoms&sources should be added in the International Classification of Diseases of WHO.
This is a very longtime, endless story that had some attempts in the past decades!  I remember in 2011 a meeting between WHO's Managers and some european associations ...  anything has been occurred, after that !!!

The innovation of the ICD-11's Maintenance Platform MAY be a real improvement.

I dream to see some HUNDREDS of proposals for specific symptoms or proposal to have EHS itself as disease: we'll see how the Maintenance Team will answer to each detailed request.

Here's enclosed a document with simple instructions and links.

Eaach request can be done by any person, scientists, doctors,  including also activist and NGO's member.  


It's important that we would make a pressure on WHO for requesting the EHS recognition.

I already done it: I proposed a 'child' code  of "Other disorders of the nervous system".

My best regards

Giorgio Cinciripini