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Marc Martin
Hi all,

I've created this group because I don't know of any active discussion
group specifically for people suffering from electrical hypersensitivity.
I suppose this is because those who are most afflicted cannot use the
computer at all. However, for those that can at least use the computer a
little, this group might provide some benefits.

(one idea -- printing out messages of interest and and reading the
printouts is a good alternative to reading the messages on the computer

Another reason for creating this list is that I'm dismayed by much of the
material on electrical hypersensitivity that's out there on the web.
Virtually all of it states that there is no way to recover, and that the
only solution is to avoid EMF sources. I know from personal experience
that this is false. There *are* things you can do to improve your
tolerance for EMF, and people *have* recovered from this. And that's the
purpose of this group -- to share what you've found that works and
doesn't work, because if it works for one person, it might work for
others (although not neccessarily)

Marc Martin
[hidden email]