Gamma Linolenic Acid?

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Gamma Linolenic Acid?

Marc Martin
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone on this list has experimented with supplements
containing Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), and if this alters their ES
symptoms? Supplements containing GLA are Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil,
and Black Current Oil.

The reason I mention this is that a while ago, I had noted that my ES
symtpoms were getting worse. This happened at about the time I had
switched from taking Evening Primrose capsules to Flax Oil capsules. I
went into my EAV tester, and she confirmed that the Evening Primrose
capsules were helping me, but the Flax oil capsules were not. So I started
taking the Evening Primrose capsules again, and my ES symptoms improved

Also, I notice on the ES Symptom Survey that I scanned and put online
recently that Evening Primrose Oil was listed as something which helped 4
on the survey.

And finally, I was just reading a book ("The Magic of Chia") that was
talking about essential fatty acids, and they noted that many adults are
unable to convert intake of linoleic acid (found in flax seed oil) into
GLA, so that they must supplement GLA directly.

Note that my improvements were observed by taking Evening Primrose Oil
capsules made by Biotics Research. I was taking 2 capsules per day, with
each capsule containing 40 mg of GLA. Of course, this improvement was
observed while continuing doing the other things I'm doing (eating healthy
foods, using EMF protection devices), but it appears to be something that's
worth trying, and something that I don't think many people would think of
on their own.