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Prior to Monday, this week, I felt something in the atmosphere had changed because of the radiation from my computer monitor, mouse and TV I could no longer be near. I was constantly being burned. It had been raining a couple days before Monday, maybe more. On Tuesday I was sitting in my recliner and of a sudden my index finger on my right hand started hurting. It kept hurting and started swelling. It's still very painful and swollen today.

I read or saw on a video when graphene is combined with water it causes the graphene to be electrified.

I know the day before yesterday I stepped outside and immediately my hands stated to feel that burning sensation.

Is it the graphene that has caused this to happen ti me, I wonder!

This post has taken me over 30 minutes to type because my keyboard burns my fingers.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Today is a good day for a good day!
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I'm so sorry for the pain that you're experiencing, Kay.  Could what you're feeling be a new antenna/s that was/were installed within reach of your dwelling?  I'm not sure about the "graphene" in the overhead spraying since it has been verified that the graphene hype in the latest "jabs" has been misinformation, but that is not to say that those jabs are anything other than harmful.

A dear friend of mine knows Dane personally, lived by him, and still visits him.  She thinks he's the greatest.  However, while I do have eyes that see what's being done do us with overhead spraying of harmful metals, I do not believe the 'climate change' agenda which Dane promotes, so I wonder if he's controlled opposition sort of like Alex Jones - giving us some truth with a lot of misdirection?

I used to live on a hill high above the Snake River and had a front row seat to watch the frequent spraying.  Often the resulting huge spread-out 'clouds' would develop numerous symmetrical ripples one after another which I was told was the result of directed RF to push the "metal clouds" to steer weather patterns.  Some nearby EHS people would tell me that their ears would ring loudly on those days.  My ears have rung ever since smart meters were installed, and in that house they rang constantly so I couldn't tell the difference.  Aircraft from an air force base 75 miles away followed the river to the nearest airport by me to practice landing and takeoff, or so the public was told.  Owning the Weather - Airforce 2025

This post may get me banned from this platform for 6-months again since that is exactly what happened during BS-19 when I posted links to two videos - one which showed the inventor of the PCR "test" stating that it was to be used only for research and never for diagnosis since false positives would result and the other showing a PCR test kit addressed to the CDC with a label that it was to used for research only. Soon after posting I could no longer receive messages from or login in the this group and was unable to create an account using a different email address.  However, six months to the day, I was allowed access again.  It happened once before, but not sure what I had posted to cause that ban :)

Anyway, it sounds like you are very EMF affected right now, and I know it well.  May this pass and you feel better real soon.  And hopefully you can find that it's something within your own reach that you will be able to change to see improvement.    Blessings, Bonnie    Not in agreement with the Q stuff or other things on this man's website, but thot that he had Dane pegged well