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Marc Martin
Hi all,

This message was sent to me, but I think it was meant to go to the group
([hidden email]):

From: Lachlan Mudge <[hidden email]>
To: 'eSens Moderator' <[hidden email]>
Subject: RE: Welcome to eSens

Not sure if this is the right address to introduce myself on. Anyway, I was
interested to read a snippet of your story posted to the emfacts group. I
support your comments about the rights of the electrically hypersensitive to
lead a 'normal' life and think that those who create the environments that
aggravate this condition are responsible for rectifying the associated
problems, rather than those suffering adverse health effects, as it is with any
other sort of pollution (officially). I do not classify myself as electrically
hypersensitive, however after reading about people suffering from 'VDT
syndrome', I identified with several symptoms suffered by others. When I was a
student and I occasionally spent extended lengths of time in front of a
computer, I used to think that my skin was being burnt by UV radiation being
emitted from CRT screens (like sunburn), but now I have slightly different
suspicions about the effect. I currently often feel drained of energy under
fluorescent lighting or in front of a CRT screen for extended periods and I
have a mild facial skin rash above my lip that seems to improve with a
reduction in exposure. I also get a redness on the top of my hands. I am very
interested to hear what you have tried and what worked for you, as I feel
electrically hypersensitive people are the only relevant 'guinea pigs' for any
experiment in this area (though I realise the horrible ramifications of this
statement, I am speaking from an inhuman scientific perspective). I look
forward to hearing more. Regards,

Lachlan Mudge
Research Engineer
Sustainable Energy Centre
University of South Australia
Ph: +61 8 8302 3497
Fax: +61 8 8302 3380
Email: [hidden email]