Elektrosmog Detector 040424-1

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Elektrosmog Detector 040424-1

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Below is the info about the grey meter i used in some of my videos, here at 1:15
and here starting at 18:04 (and at the end of the video):

It's a 040424-1 Elektrosmog Detector (came in Elektor Magazine June 2005).
I uploaded the pdf's to my dropbox:

English version:

Dutch version:

Original Elektor Magazine June 2005 (more stuff is in there):


The owner (of the grey meter i used) said he added a small amplifier to it.
I can't make such a detector myself, but i'm sure some guys can.
The parts are likely very cheap.
If you can make this or let make it for cheap it may be worth to have.
Not sure. I just share what i find.
(I might film it some more in new videos).

When i use the grey meter, i think i react to the EMF it makes itself,
not something i have with my other meters.
You could simply solve this by attaching it to a short stick though
(like you have seen me do in other videos)
but the meter usually detects more when i hold it (not always)
since the body acts as an antenna.
Usually one doesn't measure ones house for hours and hours every day, so.
Touching other things like a computer mouse is much worse,
since this often does have to happen for hours on end daily.
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Re: Elektrosmog Detector 040424-1

That's a really neat meter and a neat magazine - Thanks :)

Did he say anything more about the amplifier?  He might be using something called an op-amp.  This one was recommended to me for making meters:


If you take the iron/ferrite rod out of the detector coil, it might still pick up E-fields:


That's a problem with my Radio Shack 12-467 AM radio. I bought it to detect low frequency magnetic fields, but if anything I think it's more sensitive to electric fields.
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Re: Elektrosmog Detector 040424-1

I made some pictures of the inside and added it to my Flickr account.
If you have more questions after seeing them let me know,
i can then ask, because he is a busy person.


If you find more info about parts let us know.
I have to give this Detector back one day,
so if someone can make this
i might buy one if it's not too expensive.
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Re: Elektrosmog Detector 040424-1

Thanks for the photos :)

Looks like you've already figured out that the board on top is a Velemann P7000:


The amplifier is an LM 386:


The detector circuit from the magazine is in the board on the bottom.