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Hi all,

I'm new to the group and first want to extend my thanks to everyone
for the information you've gathered and discussed here. It has given
me renewed hope for dealing with and mitigating ES.

In my search for assistance I encountered the work of Dr. Cyril W.
Smith, PhD, author of "Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the
Electrical Environment" and many other papers on bioelectomagnetics.
Dr. Smith has a doctorate in electrical enginering and was a professor
at the Univ. of Salford, UK. He is now retired but continues to work
on the issue of bioelectromagnetics and a cure for ES. Dr. Smith has
worked in conjunction with Dr. William J. Rea, MD, of the
Environmental Health Center - Dallas in producing (to my knowledge)
the first and only scientifically constructed study proving the
existence of ES. (See
for the study.) Dr. Rea is also an electrosensitive which is what led
him to research and treat this condition in the first place.

Here is an article Dr. Smith wrote, entitled 'Electrical
Sensitivities', in response to a query for help with this condition:

I visited the EHC-D and was tested for ES. Unfortunately, the EM
frequency-imprinted water technique Dr. Smith mentions in the above
article did not help me, but it has helped others.

Dr. Smith also wrote an article, entitled 'Comments on EMF RAPID' in
response to the "findings" of the US's National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences' EMF RAPID program
( which until now has "proven" that
EMF from powerlines, normal household appliances, etc., can't harm
humans. In it he gives a summary of the study performed by Dr. Rea,
et al, and other research articles one can look up on this topic. Dr.
Smith describes how electrosensitives reactions may not be due to
classically measurable EM quantities (the electric and magnetic
fields), but to the magnetic vector potential, a quantity which may
only be observable in quantum mechanical systems. It is a short, good
resource for trying to understand, and possibly link what's going on
with sufferers of ES and how non-classical EM protective devices may
be operating. And it may be an alternative explanation to invoking
scalar waves. Here is a link to the article in PDF form:

This bring me to something I'd to mention fpr those trying to create
an EM free environment. Even though one can shield a good deal of
high-frequency EM with RF shielding films, and negate a lot of the
electrical component with a Faraday cage, the magnetic component is
very difficult to shield against. Also, how to shield against the
magnetic vector potential is unknown. So, even if you've done
everything classically possible to shield EMF, classical and
non-classical magnetic effects may still be at work and cause