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ES Conference

Benson, Sarah (Sen L. Allison)
1 Wimpole Street, London, W1
Commencing 10. a.m. Saturday 11 September 2004 Free
Estimated to finish at around 4 p.m.
(limited to fifty registrants)

Organised by Coghill Research Laboratories, Lower Race, Pontypool,
Torfaen, Wales NP4 5UH

The use of electricity on the planet spans little more than a
century. Its convenience and myriad applications in domestic, office
and industrial environments has meant that people (and indeed all
biota) are being exposed to the concomitant electromagnetic fields
and radiations in a manner unprecedented so far as we know in human
evolution. The artificially originating electromagnetic fields and
radiations in large cities for example are many thousands of times
stronger than the natural radiations emanating from the earth or the

Effects of contact currents, electric shock, and high magnetic
fields are largely understood in terms of their thermal impact, and
regulations are in place to protect against such eventualities,
though these still vary widely between countries. Life processes,
however, are known also to deploy the transport of electrons and the
use of charged ions and polar molecules at a subtle, weak, and
sub-cellular level and may be influenced by fields and radiations far
below those recognised as thermally bioactive.

Increasingly there are public complaints that these fields and
radiations are causing ill health effects, and a large body of
literature and substantial research initiatives are addressing these
issues. Among the symptoms being reported is electrical sensitivity,
where the sufferer claims that even the proximity of electrical
sources can be perceived, with unpleasant sequelae. The syndrome has
become known as electrical sensitivity (ES), and is thought to affect
some 7 percent of the population. It has a superficial appearance
partly similar to dowsing and sensitivity to subterranean aquifers
(which can also emit large irregular electromagnetic fields), and
partly similar to the syndrome now known as ME (myalgic
encephalomyelitis), or chronic fatigue syndrome. Curiously the first
three major ME outbreaks in London were at hospital dormitories very
close to important underground water conduits.

The literature on ES is sparse and unco-ordinated, possibly because
its existence is not recognised, defined, or acknowledged in
mainstream medicine. The Symposium aims to bring to one place those
who have studied the condition and can make a pooled contribution to
knowledge, both descriptive and phylactic, and can also engage in a
debate over the likely mechanisms at work. The symposium will be of
interest to physicians, scientists, regulators and patients alike.

Those wishing to submit platform presentations should send a brief
titled abstract together with details of their affiliations etc. to:
Roger Coghill at the above address. There will be no opportunity for
poster presentations. Press and media attendance will be limited due
to the restrictions on room size, and those members of the press
wishing to attend should notify us well in advance to avoid
For further information, contact: 01495 752122 or email:
[hidden email]

Third conference:

3) International conference
medical, biological and social problems
September 20-23, 2004
Moscow, Russia

The International conference "Mobile communication and Health: medical,
biological and social problems" will be held in Moscow, Russia.
September 20-23, 2004. In the frame of the conference the one-day
scientific seminar "Modification of EMF bioeffects" be held on September
23, 2004.
The number of mobile phones users is increasing rapidly worldwide - it
is expected to be 1.6 billions peoples up to 2005 year. Everyday in
Russia about 35 millions people are exposed to EMF from mobile phones
and about 80 millions from base stations. The consequences of such EMF
exposure are unpredictable.
The main aim of the meeting is to provide international forum on
presentation and discussion of all problem topics, dealing with mobile
phones, to create public awareness on possible EMF bioeffects and join
efforts of scientists, public and businessmen in rational regulation of
mobile phones problem.