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ES Book list 2023

I couldn't find an official book list thread.
If anybody has any books to recommend regarding ES, Electricity, EMF, Energy Waves, etc. then please share.
I have a few to start off.  No holds barred!
 Can include therapeutic, controversial Historical, etc.  
Even Body electricity, Autonomic Nervous System, etc.

"The Invisible Rainbow-A History of Electricity and Life" by Arthur Firstenberg

"Hidden Dangers"  aka "Hidden Dangers of 5G" by Captain Jerry G. Flynn

*Flow System Therapy* by Han M. Stiekema M.D.

"Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity"  by Jerry Evans

"Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook"  Angela Hobbs

"Girl in the Dark", by Anna Lyndsey

"What Really Makes You ILL? Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong"
by Dawn Lester and David Parker

"Hidden Messages In Water" by Masaru Emoto

"Electricity At The World's Fair of 1893 Columbian Exposition" by Barrett

"Where Did the Towers Go?"  by Judy Wood B.S. M.S. PH.D

"Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System" Nicholas J. Gonzalez M.D.

"Would you put your head in a Microwave Oven" by Gerald Goldberg, MD

"Zapped" by Ann Louise Gittleman
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Re: ES Book list 2023

For regarding the autonomic nervous system... which plays a role in influence of ES I'm sure,

-"Nutrition and Your Mind, The PsychoChemical Response"  by George Watson.   circa 1972.

-"Personality, Strength, and PsychoChemical Energy"  by George Watson circa 1979.

These vintage reads are excellent, and hard to find.  But still out there for sale online if you look.

A great follow up after reading Francis Pottenger's work, as well as Nicholas Gonzalez M.D's work (who built off of Watson and Pottenger's work).
A very fascinating look into the world of the Parasympathetic Nervous System vs Sympathetic Nervous System, as well as Slow, Fast, Mixed Oxidizer Types.