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ES Advanced Beginner - made some improvements, but backslid

warning:  very long post

Hello all. I'm new to the forum but have been aware that I'm ES since about Sept, after I had my smart meter switched out for a non-communicating digital one.  I had about 2 weeks of incredible improvement (reduced light sensitivity, reduced ear ringing, much better sleep).  Then the symptoms worsened, but thank goodness haven't returned to how bad they were at peak (which involved extreme sleep and digestive problems).  Still, I seem to be in a bad period again - could be seasonal allergies that are compounding my body's sensitivity.  My main symptoms are ear ringing, restless sleep, difficulty concentrating, fatigue.  I've already taken a number of mitigation measures that are more of the "low hanging fruit", but haven't yet put into place some of the more expensive/complicated measures, which I now am going to attempt to start because I feel so bad.  I only have a Trifield TF-2 currently.  I plan to buy a better RF meter and a dirty electricity meter shortly.

I would really appreciate the opinions from some of you who have been doing this for a while.  I'm not sure it's even worth investing much in this house for the following reasons: 1) My house is from 1939 and many of the outlets and all of the ceiling lights have no ground wire, although the panel is grounded, and 2) Background radiation levels are high, at least often over 1mW/m2 and peaking higher all around my house.  I'm in a citylike residential area with very close next door neighbors, and I'm at the top of a cliff beside a river.  I'm not sure where these high background levels are coming from but some culprits are neighbors' smart meters/Wifi, cable wire coming from the street, old telephone wire on house (crazy high readings) which I'm about to have removed, and possibly power lines at street?.  I don't know of a cell tower close by.  I am on high ground but the whole area is hilly and there are many higher points in town than where I am.

I love my house, but if mitigating all this and finding peace here is going to be too difficult, I would do what I could for now, and plan to move.

Things I've done so far: removed smart meter, removed dimmer switches, removed 2 of my ceiling fans, changed all the CFL/LED bulbs for halogen ones, moved bed to best location of room (RF is 0.3mW/m2 at head, going up to 1 mW/m at feet), wired Ethernet only (no Wifi), keep things unplugged as much as possible, phone on airplane mode most of the time, distanced from work computer using external monitor/mouse/keyboard.

Things I plan to do shortly: remove old phone company box and exterior and interior lines (crazy high RF readings), start wearing blublox glasses while using computer/watching TV/working under flourescent lights, replace metal bedframe with a wood one, cover bedroom windows with shielding film or buy shielding curtains, look for a safer alternative for the digital thermometer near my bedroom, use external mouse/keyboard while using personal computer.

Things I will consider if my symptoms continue: paint exterior walls in bedroom with shielding paint and ground the system, measure dirty electricity and consider installing a Satic Power Perfect box on whole electrical system, consider installing a canopy.

Some questions I have -
1) I have concerns about the bed canopy, well for the curtains too for that matter because I have allergies, and I try to keep a minimalist environment that is easy to clean.  I imagine these things attract dust like crazy and don't hold up to regular washing.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  So I guess I would be stuck with the shielded paint/window film option.  Which I'm not sure I want to invest in if I'm moving but seems like the most important thing that I need to do now.

2) There are high RF readings in random places, like along a bare wire that connects to my sewer pipe stack, at my heat pump in the attic, at the digital thermostat (which is touch screen but not a smart thermostat), and at the sides of windows, the vertical pipes to my radiators, the cable company wire coming to the house, the radon removal system (it's a small motor), and the old telephone wire.  Some of these are not items that are supposed to emit RF, for example the phone lines.  It confuses me and causes me to wonder if this is just due to background radiation being amplified by metal in the house.

3) I know everyone is sensitive to different frequencies.  I know for sure I'm sensitive to magnetic fields (sat too close to a space heater for a week and started feeling much worse).  I also seem to feel worse when I've spent a lot of time on a computer.  I also suspect dirty elec affects me a lot because the smart meter I had removed was on the opposite side of the house from my bedroom but it still affected me like crazy.  I haven't had specific signs that cell phone radition affects me.  However, I'm assuming at the levels I have, they are contributing.  Is there any meter to test which frequencies you're sensitive to or other way of knowing for sure other than observation?

4) I covered my bedroom windows with aluminum foil as an experiment to see if the RF levels reduced.  My theory was that they let in a lot more RF than the walls.  However, there seemed to be minimal difference.  Ear ringing just the same during the day.  Maybe tonight I will notice a differnece, but then that might be from the darkening effect.  Couple feet from the windows readings seemed higher than before I put up the foil.  Does this mean that the walls are just such a big factor that covering the windows is not enough?  Also, if shielded paint needs to be grounded, why do we not need to do that with window films/curtains?

5) The ungrounded outlets - how big of a factor are they?  I think they contribute dirty electricity, right?  Shoudl I consider shutting off the breaker to those at night?  I actually had those off for a week or 2 and didn't notice a difference.

6) Thank you so much for any insights you can offer into any of the above questions.  I am passionate about helping those who are even more beginner than me, and have started doing that locally.  I am disgusted by the people charging ridiculous fees like $150/hr to write an email to desperate people who have no hope of help from the medical establishment.  I'm committed to helping people in my community by sharing what I have learned at no or minimal cost so that we can all spread the message about the increasing concentration of wireless signals and their harm, and help people be healthier.  There are lots of "biohackers" who just want to perfect their lifestyle on this earth and because they aren't being driven by symptoms, I feel they are getting lots of misinformation from companies online that take advantage of them too. ok, well /endrant.  Thanks again!!  
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Re: ES Advanced Beginner - made some improvements, but backslid

First I feel for you.  I've been going through something similar.  For me it has been all about avoiding rf. That seems to affect me the most. However I do react to Electrical fields too.

Using computers hurts me now even if they are hooked up through ethernet, no wifi, bluetooth. Even when the cpu is 8-10 feet away and the monitor is 3-4 feet. The wires might be picking up rf. Check out this article (might help):

I feel like the cpu is something that causes the issue with computers.  Seems like anything Intel with an i processor really gets me.

I wonder about the canopies. What are the ones you're looking at made of? I have a sleeping bag made of Swiss shield ultima. Its not perfect but it does a lot. But if I wash it, it loses attenuation. It was highly expensive so I'm not eager to do so. It says its non conductive.

I sleep in a room next to a smart meter, breaker box. The home is 1930s era and appears to use some kind of chicken wire. This may be good as it blocks rf. There's a definite difference is readings from the walls to windows.  I wonder if dirty electricity is our problem too.

They make a Meter for dirty electricity called a acoustameter, I think.  Its a bit pricey ( having bought a coronet ed88t and trifield im not anxious to spend more money). I've been told a am/fm radio can act like a meter for dirty electricity (working on finding one).

I have the ear ringing thing too. Its gone away and been replaced by hearing almost very high pitched static like a radio in between channels (white noise), but not very loud if that makes sense.  It usually occurs at night in my room when I'm laying down for the night. A couple nights ago it was bad and felt like some one was beaming me. Its just bananas.

Hopefully you get some better answers! People here are awesome!
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Re: ES Advanced Beginner - made some improvements, but backslid

Marc Martin
> consider installing a Satic Power Perfect box on whole electrical system

I wonder if that Satic box will even work if you don't have a properly grounded electrical system?
I would think that the ungrounded outlets could be a big issue.  I know that many of the electronics that I am using these days have a 3-prong grounded plug.  Although it sounds like maybe you have some grounded outlets?  Maybe buy an outlet tester and make sure that they are actually grounded/wired properly?

> at the digital thermostat (which is touch screen but not a smart thermostat)

I think touch screens by their very nature have high readings.  If you can get an older one that has actual buttons, that might give better readings.  The one I have is quite old, has buttons, and is powered off some AA batteries inside of it.

> Is there any meter to test which frequencies you're sensitive to

I've found that an cheap old AM Radio (like the portable ones that used to be sold by Radio Shack) can give a good correlation with my symptoms.  I just listen for interference on the radio when not tuned to a station.

> The ungrounded outlets - how big of a factor are they?

I would think that the ungrounded outlets could be a big deal, but maybe that's only if something is plugged into it.  You could check them for dirty electricity, although I don't think dirty electricity and grounding are really related.  Some people have noticed higher readings when shutting off breakers, so you if you don't notice any difference then I would focus my efforts to things that you know are making you feel bad.