EMF-sensitivity and mold

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EMF-sensitivity and mold

I know we've talked about mold and EMF-sensitivity in another thread. I've been thinking it might be impacting the severity of my issues.

Do you have any tips for reducing problems with hidden mold? Our bathroom smells really moldy if we don't do one of the following (all the time):

* Have the bathroom door open.
* Have the bathroom window open.
* Have a fan on. Something on the bathroom fan is broken, and fixing it isn't currently an option.

I'm thinking about getting some activated charcoal or an ozonator. My worry about an ozonator is it might degrade the coatings on wires and be a fire hazard; I read something similar to that in a review on an ozonator, I believe; I don't know if it's really a problem or what, though.

Has anyone tried activated charcoal? How do you 'activate' charcoal, if you want to make it yourself?

What else have you tried or heard about?