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shivaram aluri
My Name Is A . SHIVA RAM Electroninic/computer
hardware Enginner, I am workining in this field last
20 years repairs and trouble shooting of computers and
electronic devices.

2 months back developed Emf sensitivity at asian
IT-summits. in summits 1000+ cellphones and jammers
are used so i nfected rirgth ear surrounding emf

details as follows:
Dear friends,

I am suffering with Emf /RF sensitivity (Electro
Magnetic field/ Radio frequency sick ness ) from Jan
12 the 2004 after using a cell phone Motorola pike on
office duty which supplied by BSNL for ASAIN Minster
SUMMIT.I used phone for 12 days only.

If I exposing to any wires devices like cordless
phone, cell phones, cell phone towers, wire less
device, speakers amplifiers, TV . Big monitors, power
transformers, I am getting mild throat pain, after
some time chest pressing, breathing problem
concentration is missing, confusion, Heart pulse rate
floating up to 90, Blood pressure is increasing upto

city out skirts (20 Km) no problem Bp normal no throat
Doctors are not agreeing/treatment .. for the

I handled with right hand... I f I am closing
surrounding Right ear symptoms are
reducing to 75%. I am I am putting helmet /monkey cap
also symptom are reducing..
on 14-2-04 when put Ice surrounding right ear
sensation lost...
then I went on 21-2004 Nero Phycian the have checked
mild numbness was present...
at present i am taking multivitamin with B12 vitamin

I would like know is there any any emf wave shield
available for the above..
If you anything please send me useful details to me

I frequently getting throat infection., at that
sensitivity is more


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