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The most pervasive threat to health, environment and privacy ever
– Citizens unite to change EU rules for 5G
Citizens' concerns range from massive power consumption to data theft and cancer – they all have to do with the 5G rollout which includes ‘Internet of Things’. This rollout is done without citizen’s consent. It urgently needs to be accompanied by protecting rules. That's why the European Citizens´ Initiative Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected is taken. It starts on March 1 in all 27 EU countries. An ECI gives EU citizens the legal right to propose new laws to the EU.

This initiative has already succeeded…
On March 1 the signature collection for 1 million signatures will start in all EU countries. Many countries will arrange kick-off activities. In one way this initiative has already succeeded. It united concerned EU citizens across all EU countries creating the organisation “Europeans for Safe Connections”. “The next goal is to reach 1 million signatures. This promises to be a success as well”, says Danish coordinator Pernille Schriver. She has participated from the very beginning at a Stop 5G conference held in Switzerland in 2019. This was organized by an Italian Stop 5G group where a German started the idea of a European Stop 5G initiative.

For several years there have been citizens’ protests all over Europe against 5G. Thousands of critical EU citizens and researchers are concerned about the rollout of 5G technologies everywhere: on rooftops, on street furniture, in mobile masts, in orbit around the Earth, in the ocean, in schools and in our homes!
We have seen many national Stop 5G protests and the demands from thousands of EU citizens. Through this EU initiative – the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) – these protests can be given a voice. It takes our demands to the European level of the EU Commission and the EU Parliament. It will be included in the highest EU decision-making processes. The EU Commission recently registered the initiative with all its 23 proposals for legislative changes. This is a huge success and the first time that an official European Citizens' Initiative addresses the negative aspects of telecommunication.

What do we want?
The initiators of this ECI are the 'Europeans for Safe Connections', a group of committed citizens from nearly all European countries that propose 23 new EU legislative proposals on three main areas:
• Protection of life from microwave radiation
• Protection of environment from all impacts of 5G and digitalisation
• Protection of our privacy, security and freedom

Contact info:  
Pernille Schriver, Denmark stop5geci@protonmail.com land line telephone +45 64670106 (after 4pm)
Elisabeth Birgit Madsen, Germany E.B.Madsen@protonmail.com land line telephone +49 56525018974
Rob van der Boom, The Netherlands rob.vanderboom@stichtingehs.nl  land line telephone +31 23 8221033
European Citizens' Initiative "Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected":
• Own website: https://signstop5g.eu/en 
• EU ECI website: https://europa.eu/citizens-initiative/initiatives/details/2021/000009_en
Information about an ECI – European Citizens´ Initiative:
An ECI is a European Citizens' Initiative. This official tool is provided by the EU for citizens who want to propose new laws to the EU. After one million signatures have been collected, the proposals will be presented to the EU Commission and the Parliament where a public hearing will take place. We expect a constructive debate as well. Afterwards the Commission will publish a formal response.
Citizens in all 27 EU member states can sign this ECI "Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected".
More information: https://europa.eu/citizens-initiative/ en