Does it exist a company which certifies products for allergy and MCS sufferers?

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Does it exist a company which certifies products for allergy and MCS sufferers?

Hi, It's me Chris again. It's been a while since I posted in this forum. I hope you all had been well or at least improved your condition. Regarding myself I did slightly improved my electrosensitivity and the mcs which goes with it. While I am still not very tolerant to LED lights and screens I kind off tolerate a little bit better some devices. Although I still back off from cell phones and screen touching devices.

Anyways this is a curiosity from a friend of mine who is in the paper business. What he asked me to find is if there exists some sort of company or institution which gives certification for those who suffer from severe alleries like high IgE like myself or those who suffer from MCS?. He resides in Germany and it would be nice to know if there is in Europe a place like that or perhaps in the States. What his company does is to make sugarcane paper.

Because I told him that his paper I tolerate it so well, he became interested to know if there was some laboratory which may certify the paper quality and tolerance for those who suffer alleries, like from pollen, different chemicals, etc. Honestly I am not very sure what to say. I do know that NIST has several testing methods for different kinds of products, which are based on several technologies ranging from HLPC, Spectrometry and all that sorts, but I am not sure if they do test things which are friendly for certain health condition sufferers. I mean in general not just allergies but also electrosensitive and MCS sufferers like us. Since I have a chemistry degree from university, I am familiar with some lab methods, but I am not a health practicioner and I don't know really which sort of lab method could guarantee that a certain product can be approved to be used in allergic people. Maybe it would sound fun to say this but, I doubt that they would use a guy sitting in a chair in front of a table like a wine taster or a sommelier (sorry if made you guys laugh right now), just to only try any product they throw at him and then ask, hey you feel any pain or discomfort at all?. That might sound weird and very subjective.

Therefore I thought that a more controlled experiment likey would be used instead.

In my preliminary search I have found that some essays like ELISA, PCR and mass spectrometry can be used in food industry for detection of allergens. Not in things like paper, so I am not sure. ELISA, does detect proteins which trigger allergies, but it is very specific like there exist an ELISA for peanuts for example and for casein in milk. But what would you expect to find in a sugarcane paper?. Perhaps nothing other than just cellulose from the sugar pulp.

Therefore, how would you assess this?. I know you guys may know a lot better than me in this from talking different MCS sufferers and allergic people, so I am asking your help in educating me in this subject so I can relay this information to my friend, so he can hire that company services or contact perhaps a government agency either in EU or the States or Germany.

Pesonally speaking if I were to buy something like a paper for MCS sufferers or allergic people I would be happy if it has been tested for good visual tolerance (like low brightness), almost non existent dust or fluff to avoid any tearing while holding it close to the face when reading. Also be tested for any odors and that stuff so when its inhaled wouldn't cause sneezing or runny nose. And last but not least, skin tolerance, as when you hold it wouldn't let you feeling any discomfort in your skin or be prone to cause cuts in your fingers.

Again, I am not sure if all of those can be tested and by whom or what, and if it does exist any certification for that. Thus, I hope if anyone who here has investigated this matter could help me, I will really appreciate. Thanks.