Desk or Floor Lamps. Low EMF options in 2023?

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Desk or Floor Lamps. Low EMF options in 2023?

I've been using two metal Hextra desk lamps.... (the classic, typical, double arm articulating lamps)
to light my humble work space at home for years now.

Incandescent of course, and I've always used the Chromalux 60w full spectrum bulbs.

Recently, due to my own ES journey, I've been keeping them unplugged when not in use, and as far away from me as possible.   Seems to be a sizable field around them so I unplug them.
Could explain the tired feeling I always had when using them for art/work etc.

I'm wondering what is out there in 2023 / recommendations for a low EMF desklamp... shielded if possible.

Not sure if any of it would make a difference in my case, but I'd like to hear what may be out there.

In an old previous thread, somebody did cite  that sells various shielded laboratory equipment/furnishings, but those are some pretty expensive products.  Especially their lamps.

I've also seen threads mention car battery-to-lamp setups, flashlight/spotlight rigs.

I also happen to have a Ryobi LED flood light, but I'm going for that good ole, warm incandescent solution.

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Re: Desk or Floor Lamps. Low EMF options in 2023?

Marc Martin
Yeah, I've noticed the same thing with desk lamps.  My "solution" is to just live without them.

I'm not even sure what I'm reacting to.  It might be the electricity flowing through the power cord to the lamp, or the high wattage of the incandescent bulb.

I guess one could try something that runs off of DC.  Maybe a USB 5 volt lamp?

Or try a "Bedtime Bulb".  Same form-factor as an incandescent bulb, also has the appearance of being incandescent light, but is instead a low-wattage, flicker-free, dirty-electricity-free, high-CRI LED bulb.

I once found a desk lamp that had a 3-prong (grounded) power cord.  Didn't help.