Celery juice again

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Celery juice again

Just writing to say celery juice feels grounding, extremely grounding, if we discover the exact amount our body needs.

It can be just a bit, or a lot.

If you overdo, you go backwards. It feels bad.
If you do too little, it may be fine, I think. As long as you take it a couple of times a week.

When I don't take it, something happens to my health in a bad way.
I either feel more tired than usual, heavier, lacking energy....
Something happens.

The moment I go back to it, it's like magic.
I don't need to take it daily, just 3x a week is enough to keep me well.

I sleep then less, deeper, better.

I've been doing Medical Medium diet for more than 2 years now.
I will never go back to eat the stuff I used to eat.

My husband was the healthiest of all, now he's the sickest of all.
The last 2 years have been the worst of his life.
He still eats milk products, gluten, etc.

Before he never felt cold, now he feels cold the whole time.
I felt cold my whole life, since childhood. But now I'm not freezing!!!!
It's a HUGE change. Not from a day to another, but I know my body temperature is FINALLY INCREASING.

Daughter and I stopped these bad foods (milk / gluten / eggs / soy / corn), and I don't regret at all.
I don't even crave for these things anymore.

Together with celery juice I found my diet, I think.
After DECADES searching for alternatives.

I'm so low ES that I now have a smart phone for the first time in my life.

I don't like the feeling playing with it after 1 hour (until about 40 min, I'm pretty fine), but before I wouldn't even approach one. I felt like SCARED, really, even to touch one.

I think it's MUCH healthier never to touch one or be close to mobile phones.

I'm trying to reduce the time I spend on it....

Anyway... I believe people can heal from ES.

I think EHS is really a COMBO from chronic low grade infections / inflammation + TOXINS that attach to the nervous system.

These toxins that come from pathogens and environment lower our body temperature, then hell starts.
Slowly but surely, if you live in temperate climate. In hotter countries, low body temperature does not feel awful as in temperate climate, I find.

only cleaning the liver / cleaning the diet / killing pathogens are the starting point for healing.
not only ES, but overall.

I even stopped visiting health forums, like I did in the last 20 years.
Not looking for health solutions anymore, even though I still help people.

Just e-smog worries me, because I sense something is different in my house (and we changed nothing), so I wonder if it's not coming from outside....

Anyway, I vote for celery juice. Not easy to take, but as soon as you find your dose, I think it's almost magic.
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Re: Celery juice again

The grounding effect comes maybe from salts present in celery juice.
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Re: Celery juice again

In reply to this post by Jinna
The electrolyte balance serves to balance the blood, which gets out of balance with continual electroshocks. I used to drink it and found that it helped too (would do it more but it takes so long esp. with a hand juicer as I don't use electricity).
Wheatgrass juice helps me too.
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Re: Celery juice again

Yes I do think when electrolytes get balanced, we get less ES....

After 2 years with a simple juicer (cheap model), I decided to upgrade to the Omega Sana 606, about 400 euros. I don't regret, as this is about my health and my family's health.

I find celery juice one of the most potent medicines that exist.

I buy it either organic or not, the cost is very little, but the effect quite impressive.

So I thought of investing 400 euros thinking this is a medical device, in my case, not a recreational device, if you see what  I mean...

I also take barley grass powder, or sometimes barley grass juice powder. Better the fresh version, but as I can't find it easily, I take the  powdered version, it helps amazingly well too.

I think barley grass feels more like a detoxifying agent and charges me with nutrients (clears my brain, more energy).....

....while celery works as a potent antimicrobial (widespectrum) + electrolyte balancing juice + stomach acid booster + detoxifying agent, giving me also an incredible boost of energy, it also clears the brain and makes me feel safer (healthwise....)