CRT Monitors & "Burning Skin" -- Possible Solutions

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CRT Monitors & "Burning Skin" -- Possible Solutions

Marc Martin
Hi all,

One of the big problems I had with my ES was the "burning skin" problem,
which I would get whenever I tried to use a CRT monitor. And even the
solutions that I've mentioned previously don't really handle this that
well, so here are some things that do work for me:

1) ANTIOXIDANTS: I know that most ES sites will tell you to take
Vitamin A or Vitamin E, but frankly, these didn't help me one bit.
It wasn't until I found some "SUPER-Antioxidants" that I noticed
a change in my burning face symptoms. In fact, the two that worked
the best both advertised themselves as being 1000 times more powerful
than Vitamin C!

One of these is called "Amrit" (at
The other is called "Active H-" (at

The good news is that (for me), these provide some nice, temporary
relief. The bad news is that these supplements are EXPENSIVE.
And after you've gone through a few bottles, you wonder how long you're
going to be able to afford this solution. I guess one should be
happy that they don't cost 1000 times as much as Vitamin C or E...

2) SKIN CREAMS: I've found that some skin creams are helpful. I guess
the same ingredients which help the skin recover from sun-damage also
works for computer screen damage. I've tried about 6 different types
of skin creams, and settled on "Burts Bees Carrot Nutritive Day Creme":

I guess applying some Beta-Carotene directly on the skin works
better than eating it!

3) THE RAY-X BUTTON: This is a cheap little EMF protection device that
you stick onto your computer monitor. Supposedly it lowers the
amount of positive ions coming off your screen, and raises the
amount of negative ions. Whatever it does, I can feel the
difference right away, and I know of no other device that works
as well for CRT burning face symptoms:

The only possible problem is that this may no longer be available, as
most of the sites that used to sell this have disappeared from
the web. I guess they're assuming people are switching to LCD
monitors (and I suspect that with an LCD monitor this may not
work or may no longer needed)