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Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a great week so far!

After the intriguing episode from  may 5th that I described in my previous post I have been in a crazy learning journey.

The wave that affected me I believed to be it was of magnetic nature. I was told not even try to block it, because that would interfere with the Schuman resonance and my body needed that. I was feeling off still after a month, I felt I was stuck. Something was stuck in my brain, and maybe I just need it to reconnect to the earth.

I started to look for a Schuman resonance generator, I remember Neal suggested one. I almost got that one, but, I did not want to pay! And I did not want to have an electrical tool. I was thinking something more natural. That is when eBay, from all places, suggested tuning forks! I never heard of that, so I started to looking into it.

I embarked in a binging period watching interviews with Eileen Day McKusick and her studies on the body biofield and how she uses tuning forks to tune the body. I learned a lot from the interviews she has given. She also has a website and a YouTube channel.

I am reading her two books, and got a tuning fork kit.

All made so much sense to me. My body gets out of tune when I am close to antennas, cell phones, and such and I can tune it back with forks, just like you would tune a musical instrument. Count me in!

Fast forward to June 29th, I have almost the same thing happening as May 5th, almost at the same time of the day. That made me think, what if this is something from the local military base! That is another story. It started with a really loud, and painful high pitch ear ringing, feeling nausea and dizzy. This time, as soon as the high pitch came, ran to my most shielded area (that I knew, would not shield me from this type of wave), added a shielding hat. I was working so I had to take a meeting. I told my boss I needed to walk away. Use my tuning forks, and slept for 1.5 hours. Went back to work. My eyes started to get watery. I took another break. Use my tuning forks and slept for 2 hours! Woke up did another tuning.

And then, the miracle happened, next day Friday, I was back to normal.  I had all the energy of the world, I recovered from that episode in 24 hours! Unlike the previous time!

When I go out and around, I cannot go more than maybe 2 hours tops before I start getting headaches and/or nose bleeds, and feeling weak, even with a shielding hat and hoodie. Well, guess what, I have been able to be out more. As soon as I get home, I tune myself! I have not had a nose bleed from going around lately and I have not felt weak either.

I am so excited and hopeful!

As I am reading the books and play more with my forks, I will see what else I can share.  I did not want to write anything, until I had more input.

I think is worth looking into it. What if this helps you too?

If you have any experience with this, I would love to hear!!