BEMER Mat experience and Neuroptimal

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BEMER Mat experience and Neuroptimal

I had a chance to have two free BEMER treatments recently.  One was whole body lying on the mat.  
There was very little noise or anything jarring, painful...

It seemed almost soothing and possibly a little warm. I think it was for about 8-10 min.

The second treatment was focused where I had the most inflammation, the back of my neck running down my back.  She placed a collar around my neck for the same time duration.  Sorry, I do not recall if it was 8 or 10 min...

This time there was an unmistakable reduction of inflammation and it almost disappeared.  It stayed calm for a few hours.  

I was impressed.  

The woman who did the treatment owns this mat and she uses it first thing in the AM, then she goes to the gym at 5:30am... then she comes home and gets on a rebounder to shake out lymph nodes.  Then she does an infrared sauna (near, mid, and far field options).

Then she does a BEMER again early evening or before bed.  

She is 68 and looked much younger.  She was sharp as a tack and very positive about the healing of the BEMER and another therapy she likes called   
I am thinking of trying the neuroptimal as a treatment for my limbic system.  

Anyone had any experience with Neuroptimal???

Thanks and happy new year to us all !!!  

Any others who have experienced the BEMER and what are your thoughts?

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Re: BEMER Mat experience and Neuroptimal

I just wanted to share that I had my first Neuroptinmal session two days ago.  I noticed a tangible shift during the first 3-5 minutes that my mind was in a different deeper state of consciousness.  The session is only reading brain activity (not introducing any into the client's mind)...  

During the sounds (music, birds, some singing but no words to disrupt the process (I guess) the connections to my head and ears read erratic waves.  The sounds you hear kind of skip or scratch and I was told there could be even pauses of sound, but I only noticed the scratch/skips.
There were MANY skips/scratches over the total 33 minutes.  

There is also a visual which changes frequently on the screen.  I was told you can watch or close your eyes.  People seeking more creativity choose to watch.  I watched and will do so again for my next session.

I found myself feeling more relaxed at about 6 minutes during the session as my hands went from tight clutching to relaxed by my side.  At about 20 min I found myself instinctively saying (to myself internally), "You are safe.  You are healed.  You are safe.  You are healed."   I said this for a few minutes and then the session ended.  

The trainer as they are called, seemed impressed by my readings.  She said most clients do not get that organized in brain activity during the first session.  In fact it usually takes 3-5 for most people to start aligning.  I asked her what she was looking at to evaluate.  She said most activity is all wavy and separated but the goal is for the waves to become less chaotic and more centered so they are almost together meeting in a line....   I recall something like that.

I can say I have not felt as off teh rails emotional as I did prior.
It has been 2 days and I only started tearing up briefly 1 or 2 times... which is WAY improved from my serious lows I have had since July.  

I am eager to return Tuesday and will go again Friday...  

So far, I already feel a positive difference.  :)

This process is a way I am hoping can heal my fight or flight limbic breakdown.

The trainer said her life was saved by Neuroptimal.  She also has had her husband use it and she cannot say enough about how awesome it has been.  She said this was more beneficial than 30 years of traditional therapy and biofeedback.