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In the June 2019 issue of the journal of the Danish EHS Association, there was an article about the shielding product Aegisguard, written by the editor Karin Nørgaard. Several members procured and tested the product, and report that it works well.

There was a thread about Aegisguard on this forum 10 years ago, but the thread was hijacked and turned to discuss smartmeterguard instead. There has been no talk about Aegisguard on this forum since.

Here is the article, translated by me:

"Personal protection against electromagnetic fields can be a difficult and very delicate point – especially when it comes to clothing. Most of us are equipped with a certain degree of vanity when we move in the public sphere and in social contexts.

When you are EHS and already vulnerable to the surroundings and feel marginalised, it is also a matter of having to parade dramatic, protective garments, that inevitably provoke questions and raised eyebrows. You find it impossible to attend parties or to go to a restaurant, so you choose to stay home in isolation. Sometimes you just want to participate on an equal footing and unnoticed in life – as it unfolds for people who are not EHS. Can you do that? If you want a full body 100% shielding, you usually end up in something resembling a spacesuit, made from shielding textiles, usually containing in-woven metals.

It is not very fashionable and can be difficult to integrate into a daily life, in addition to the fact that it can be particularly difficult to children who can easily be subjected to mobbing. Or if, as I do, you feel a great discomfort or a marked worsening of the symptoms by wearing textiles with woven metals on the body – in particular about-the head, which we know should be particularly well protected. Yes, there are not many alternatives. In addition, I was very tired of running around in a mouse-grey hoodie – for years – as a dull uniform, that I had to wear every time I left home, while my nice clothes stayed in the closet. Or the heat in the summer, with a lot of layers of clothing. And the doubt if my shirt or underwear now still protected after many washings. Depending on what degree of EHS you are suffering from or if you want to prevent it, sometimes less will do.

Several years ago I was recommended to test an American shielding product for textiles from the company Aegisguard. It was a powder to be dissolved in water and used as a flushing agent on common textiles. By using this product, my own clothes can be turned into radiation-protecting garments without affecting colour, appearance or texture. I was, of course, very curious. The product is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free and contains no graphite, metal, conductive or absorbing material, and grounding is not required. The product shields both high and low frequency radiation until the garment is washed again with water.

Although the powder is relatively expensive, it has provided me with a cost-effective and safe radiation shielding solution for all hand-and machine-washable fabrics, including sheets, bedding and my fancy clothes. I simply add the powder to the machines last rinse, or I rinse the garment by hand after washing, then centrifuge and let dry.

For several years I have consistently made sure to treat outerwear, trousers, dresses, blouses, scarves, sweaters, etc., so that I always have different pieces of clothing to choose from. The treated clothes are marked on the hanger hook with a small piece of colored straw, so I never by mistake wear untreated clothes.

I have had the best results by always making sure to protect my head when I go out.
I experience that symptoms often start here with dizziness, tingling, tightness of the forehead, unreality, lack of concentration and headaches.

At a wig maker I have bought some really fancy hats and scarves in different colors and models, which are actually intended for chemo patients (there is of course fashion in this field too). They are made of soft and lightweight natural materials that do not constrict the head and are not too hot (also available for men and children). It may be advantageous to try out the models before purchasing, to you get the best fit. I experienced great service willingness and understanding in the shop as I explained the problem to the otherwise very discreet staff.

Most models cover ears, neck and forehead. Those I have washed in the protective Aegisguard product, and can wear them now in the public without getting any noticeable symptoms and without arousing too much attention. This has extended my time away from home considerably and made it easier for me to participate in life – even though my face isn't protected.

This post is based solely on my own years of personal experience, and can therefore only be considered as personal advice. In no way do I achieve any economic or other benefit from mentioning these products."
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Re: AegisGuard

Marc Martin
I've actually used AegisGuard products, and continue to do so today, but I've never been 100% convinced that they do anything for me, so it's not something I generally recommend to others.  Mostly I use the spray on my computer monitor screen, and a blocker on my work ID badge.  I did once use the laundry additive powder on a shirt, and that made it quite uncomfortable to wear (in terms of it causing an EMF reaction), but I generally have problems with any metal on my person as well.  But for people who do well with shielded fabrics, it certainly could be an option.