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A possible source of help

Ian Gander
Dear All
I had better make it clear from the start that I have a finacial
interest in this topic! I suffered from es and when using mobile
phones I had severe headaches, hot ear, others I have helped have had
skin rashes and nose bleeds. I was involved with working with
computers since 1980, I was an IT teacher! But working computers for
more than a few minutes became impossible. I was also overcoming
major problems from a traffic accident when my sensitivity flared up.
I resigned from my post - there were other complications associated
with the accident that forced this, PTSD mainly.
BUT I found something that worked for me and was so impressed became
a distributor for the products and now find fellow sufferers to help
spread the good news. However, a word of warning these things may not
work for everyone and so everything I promote comes with a 100% money
back guarantee if they have not helped anyone trying them then for up
to 3 months from purchase they can have a full refund. Sales pitch
The Devices are based on Professor Danev's work in bio resonance I
have a small device that is self adhesive for mobile phones -
Biophone- and a larger pendant or lapel badge -Bioguard- that I find
really useful as it appears to give me protection from my probs with
I am not trying to sell these things to anyone just to let you know
that they have helped me and a number of fellow sufferers. A useful
web site http://www.radiationresearch.org might be of interest to
others in the group, every product that is sold by me has a £1
donation to this charity.
I am now able to work with computers, go into supermarkets with strip
lights, use a mobile phone and not feel totally drained or worse. If
you are interested in finding out more see http://www.magnatech.ik.com
If anyone would like me to send further information then please drop
me an email with return address.
My life has now returned to what passes as normal and if I can help
others then it makes each day worthwhile.
All the best to all readers.

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Links for Recommended EMF Protection Devices?

Marc Martin
> If you are interested in finding out more see http://www.magnatech.ik.com

Interesting -- never heard of these before.

By the way, in the group's links section, I just added a folder for
"EMF Protection Devices". So if there are any devices like this that
any group member feels comfortable about recommending, please add a
bookmark to this folder with a short description.


(and certainly don't feel obliged to add a link to a product which
has NOT been of help to you!)